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255g of the tennis racket will too light?

GSYmax2010-02-15 07:11:00 +0000 #1
I am ready to buy a Babolat Drive Z-Lite Cortex this beat, because it is a top-heavy and high hardness. I am a novice.
zhanghan602010-02-15 07:19:57 +0000 #2
What are the key to see you play the.

If you are unsolicited power play should use heavier racket, if you are leveraging the play it should select lighter racket

there is, if you prefer to select the best access to the Internet, then put it mildly the , if it is the bottom line, then focus on the election.

If you prefer that paragraph, if the racket can be bought through an increase in the racket head to increase the weight of lead, lead article in the local selling tennis rackets sold

novice, there is not recommended to buy heavy racket, it is recommended Buy light racket, since the beginning of more than 300G of the racket would be very suited, my second to bat is the HEAD-L4, the edge with two holes that paragraph 100 racket, 325G, Take not the beginning of a fundamental move, because when the University is a tennis professional, playing a lot, 3 months to cope. So I suggest you first buy a light, etc. to adapt to the hand muscles were re-leaded by making the first section to improve.



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