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What tennis needs attention?

weikeshengya2010-02-15 08:10:29 +0000 #1

pir123152010-02-15 08:13:23 +0000 #2
be careful not to hurt
627,891,7862010-02-15 08:21:47 +0000 #3
1, grip must be correct, the main grip methods Oriental, Continental, Western-style. Middle East in a manner, including the East are holding a hand against France and Eastern France. In addition, there are pairs of hand method, the different characteristics of different grip play the ball. No matter what kind of grip way the wrist grip must be firmly fixed, and the racket is almost 90 degrees, so that when you can hit the ball arm strength as well as the body passes through the wrist to the film surface, shoot backwards cited When the other arm to swing in the opposite direction in order to maintain body balance. In the swing before hitting the other hand will have to shoot escorted neck and arm grip to reduce the load, while the hand grip can be fully relaxed in the swing again when batting grip Grip.

2, his eyes fixed on the ball to concentrate, when photographed in each other, we should start looking at it, and to determine the movement trajectory, and then began to move the ball over the net body has been stare into their own half, a good shot conditioning posture, began to hit the ball. Eyes and then stared at the ball being hit out of the racket and his eyes as the ball is transferred to the other half.

3, shot before the moment, not directly facing the net, but the first sideways, to shoulder the side of the front of the net, but the body's front line in parallel with the ball flight, so that could be hit faster , quasi-ball impact point.

4, the ball flew to his side, the side of the sideways, side as soon as possible to swing the arm backward, forming a driving force of the arc, so that the racket with the ball easily and harmonious contact with the ball from the bottom-up Incline Press over the net. If you want the ball fly faster, it should be when the afterburner in the racket ball, so that the ball produces acceleration.

5, the legs have to keep maintaining the state of motion to the leg movement to find the best hitting position, but the moment the ball is hit to be timely "brake", a firm footing, so that will hit the ball powerful and accurate.

6, the body keep low squat-style, low center of gravity in order to move fast, which is especially important for the play. Remain low, only slightly diverge to legs, knees bent, while the upper body vertical to keep the chest slightly forward but do not bend over, two look straight ahead.

7, to be standing near the midpoint of the other side to hit the bottom line, according to the route adjustment of the ball hitting the stations as far as putting the ball in each other's Houban Chang, and then restore the original stations. When the ball the other shallow, they can hit the ball and came up with the Internet, or retreat to the bottom line, can not stand on the bottom line and service line between the ball and so on.

8, ball position preferably in the body of the ramp in front of the level with the iliac parallel, racket ball and the ball the moment perpendicular to the flight.



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