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Beginner tennis, want to buy tennis rackets online, Will Sheng Wilson, I do not know how to identify

Micro-Air2010-02-15 09:11:28 +0000 #1
1. I girls beginner tennis

2. In the store phase, a Wilson, a T5775, N5 FORCE 110, racket, original price is 2880, but it is 1200 or so Taobao do not know whether true or false?

3. Should be grateful if, under masters pointing to see this beat fit to imitate the girl?

4. How can we identify the authenticity of beat it?

cg_rr2010-02-15 09:19:33 +0000 #2
Hello! I am a tennis special election, Shandong University of Technology health. Response to your question and my experience to give you suggestions.

Wilson's beat good, but it is recommended best not to shop online. Now the usual discount to buy a tennis racket will, Liu Zhe can, according to 1800 calculations, if you say, then you can buy a 2900 price of about tempo. As for the much cheaper online, I do not quite dare to guarantee their authenticity.

Girls, especially for beginners to run, according to your own personal conditions, we must choose a different beat.

The following points are you should consider: 1. Beat the weight, in general, girls shot, non-professional about weight 280g can, because too heavy a long time will make your arm tired of. 2. Grip models are appropriate. Generally speaking, we use 4 of the Grip on it. 3. Racket size. For beginners, I suggest a little film with large surface, because it may be easier to hit the ball in the best position. 4. Threading with 16 * 19 and so on.

Based on the above content of the more important points of view, you choose to beat your own Kanxia the suitability of your own.

Judge the authenticity of this is more important, because it is really beat the quality and after-sales service are all guaranteed. I suggest you go to a nearby shop wilson specifically authorized to see. Does not suggest that you buy online. Unless you shop online credit very satisfied. To determine the authenticity of a general re-Grip on the inside with anti-counterfeit labels and security of the security code. You can pay attention to look at.

Do not know where you are, and I know that this home can be Zibo storefront. I use the wilson K series. The quality and feel is good.

Last wish you well in tennis farther and farther down the road. Are increasingly attracted by the charm of tennis! ! !
Glad to 2.0002 million2010-02-15 09:24:55 +0000 #3
1200 this price should be true, beat on security code, can call up the inquiry.

Must be paid through the payment of treasure. Leave for complaints.

I suggest you still go to physical store to buy a good person.



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