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French Open semi-finals, Safina who has 09 technical statistics and post race comments

Ga Ga 112.8 thousand2010-02-15 10:10:34 +0000 #1
Which kind-hearted people to give me a quarter of the next Sa sister in 2009 and the final race of technical statistics and post race comments
sofia07092010-02-15 10:22:27 +0000 #2
Technology Statistics: Dinara Safina winning twice as two rival sub-super-fat is still weak 2009 Nian 06 Yue 04 Ri

22:00 Sina Sports Ticker in June 4, (Paris local time, June 4) news of the 2009 season, the French Open women's singles event gradually entered the closing stages, the first carried out in today's first semi-final, top-seeded Dinara Safina continued to extend unbeaten Myth She Take 6-3/6-3 straight sets win over the current outstanding performance of 20 French-seeded Cibulkova, the first advance in this year's French Open women's singles final. The following is the game's technical statistics:

got a first serve Safina, Cibulkova rate of 54 of 74 = 73% 40 of 62 = 65%

Ace ball 30


pairs of false unforced Yi Fa scoring error rate of 24 21

35 of 54 = 65% 20 of 40 = 50%

2 Fat scoring rate 9 of 20 = 45% 11 of 22 = 50%

winning points (including the tee score directly) 24 11

Back ace rate 31 of 62 = 50% 30 of 74 = 41%

break the success rate of 4 of 8 = 50% 1 of 8 = 13%

the net scoring rate 1 of 3 = 33% 1 of 3 = 33%

Total Score 7561

serve the fastest speed of 173 km / h 171 km / h

Yi Fa average speed of 154 kilometers / h 155 km / h

2 made an average of 128 kilometers per hour / h 142 km / h

Source: http:/ /

post race comments:

• French Open win over Dinara Safina reached the French Open for two consecutive years Cibulkova final

• Technical Statistics: Dinara Safina winning twice as two rival sub-super-fat is still a weakness

• Dinara Safina joined by crooked eggs repeatedly sending the strongest part of a strong break to help their legislative undefeated

• a perfect record so that the strong will of the achievements Safina Xinxinbaopeng die-Fen Mei

• Dinara Safina 16-game winning streak into the final coronation of the Queen's shy of a victory red clay

• Dinara Safina hurricane status is not a perfect 16 game winning streak into the title or the burden of

• Dinara Safina: My performance worthy of the first a final physical strength is no longer a problem

• Safina dissatisfied with referee admits that she commuted to anger racket a little bit nervous

• French female athletes refused to comment Super Girl Dinara Safina: I do not know how loud

• brave Safina termination dark horse the way forward once again rounded out the French Open final

• Dinara Safina beat the dark horse, according to Qi cloth doll advance bad game just a step away from their dreams come true

• Qi cloth doll mistakes again and again lost to once again rounded out the final win over sister Safennafen

• Safina rounded out the performance of successive French Open final win over a strong dark horse

• 101 minutes Dinara Safina French Open champion for its own use it will be part of my name the day

• Was Praised is truly the world's number one Serena Williams Dinara Safina finally won the compliment

• Expert: Safina win over a smooth throw to win the embarrassment of non-slam No.1

• Dinara Safina beat to copy my brother threw Stadium tsar hot temper his sister can not learn that their idol

• Dinara Safina message Gegesafen blessings sister realize their dreams of Paris

• Fan-mei, told reporters only laugh at silly dreams Bao Liu Kuznetsova was an ugly duckling

• Pink the end of two dark horse Russia joined forces for the final championship final fight

These are the comments Sina At that time, the subject of articles, you baidu or google on the subject of paste, search what can be found.
Haas 20062010-02-15 10:23:40 +0000 #3
French Open for the 12th matchday. Launched the first in a women's singles semi-final, by the world's top-ranked Dinara Safina, No. 20 seed against Cibulkova. Eventually, Safina continued his brave at the current law online performance to sweep two opponents 6-3 and take the lead into the final.

Since the April 20 Dinara Safina on the world's first throne, she became a lot of people, "criticized by" object. Because most people view, Safina is the history's most "water" in the world, because she has never won the Grand Slam singles title. So, come to the venue on the French Open, Dinara Safina on the simmering vigor. Venues such as the rainbow on her momentum, the first four rounds of competition, only losing five Board. In the battle for the semi-finals before losing the tournament in the first set. The face of opponents to sweep her basic posture to end the fighting, and connect to send "duck", "fritter." Came to the semi-finals, Safina ushered in the only 20-year-old Cibulkova, the latter breaking the law in this trip outstanding performance, especially in the semi-finals in the battle to give the former world No. 1 Sha Labo Eva a "duck", semi-finals, has created a personal best record in Grand Slam singles. However, the met Dinara Safina, her French trip will be forced to stop.

Yesterday's game, in addition to the lead in the first set Cibulkova broke, and a 2-0 lead when Safina in a passive state, at other times Safina basically mastered the game rhythm. Especially off the tee, Safina take absolute advantage, ACE issued a total of three balls. Ability to grasp the opportunities in Safina are more prominent each other, in the eight sub-break chance in the four successful. Eventually, Safina in just 101 minutes to the end of the game two 6-3.

This is the seventh Safina, the French Open, her best result was in last year's downturn in France staged a continuous online play, eventually reached the singles final. That is also the first time in his career Safina among the Grand Slam singles final, perhaps because of the tense reasons, Dinara Safina in the championship match for the U.S. girl Ana Ivanovic of Serbia. And reached the French Open final again this year, already has accumulated a rich experience, and has a strong desire to win, she is bound to be another round performance.



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