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Tennis ball if the play technology, if the general threading dozens of pounds?

Blue Bird Flying L2010-02-15 11:11:04 +0000 #1

landline2010-02-15 11:19:41 +0000 #2
is not necessarily, and the material on-line, 50-55 pounds
jamesbing0072010-02-15 11:34:31 +0000 #3
What is the technical goals? I am a control-type play, about 4.0 standard.

66 lbs with a soft wire or polyester 60 pounds.

With the number of pounds comfortably on how much pounds.
aozai1682010-02-15 12:21:39 +0000 #4
You can play technology, the ball did not know to wear a few pounds



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