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As the audience watched tennis what the rules

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kr_zhangr2010-02-15 12:22:29 +0000 #2
tennis among the masses has been carried out 7-8 years, many years ago the sport, and only in some upper-class college students to carry out the general public There are many have never heard even the name of tennis. Today, a family of tennis at work, factories and even taxi drivers who are talking about tennis. Can be said to set off a boom. Despite the popularity of tennis was so fast, but still people feel slightly sorry, unfortunately, tennis Even so popular, but in the latter, the sport is still in a state of entertainment, but can not enter into the competitive level. The lack of promotion among the masses is the most important reason, and also, in the cultural aspects of tennis is also a serious lack of publicity.

End of last year, the Hong Kong net total of 2 together with Australian tennis coach came to Guangzhou to visit me, as the owner, has the responsibility to take them to the various tennis court to watch from their facial expressions, I already know what they really meant. When we sit down to chat when the press do not live these two guests asked me to play today, see people who do not like the play, as if they like a picnic in the play. The reason is that they have seen people have with radio, there are snack, there are naked, and take off their shoes, and even in the loud shouting, so there is a need to tell you to talk briefly about the basics of tennis.


When the sitting position close to the court, speak to be very quietly, because tennis is a highly concentrated the attention of the movement, outside the sound will distract the players.

When the game in progress and not to walk behind or near the golf course. Because any objects move within the precincts of the two sides will interfere with game players.

When you have reached the stadium without the time, then, in order to avoid interference on the time staff, not to make any activities, until the time is up so far.

When you are when the ball fell into the nearby golf course, do not immediately run into Jianqiu, you must wait for them to progress only after the end of a sub-entry.

Do not bring radios, tape recorders and other audio to the golf course play, it would seriously harass other players and the atmosphere.

Playing must wear sleeved clothing, not wearing a vest, bare upper body, or barefoot.


the past is all white tennis clothes, because clothes continue to development in the recent past a lot of variety of shapes and colors. To this day is still the white color, other colors just set off with nothing. Tennis has its own unique clothing, playing the best tennis of the lapel or wear sleeved round neck T-shirt, tennis shorts or tennis skirt. Do not wear clothes other sports, or do not like to play tennis, but also for themselves or to cause discomfort.

Playing tennis must wear regular tennis shoes, other types such as running shoes, badminton shoes, etc., are too soft, when you start the outbreak of E-STOP, and will make you have difficulties or even injury.

A pair of thick socks, or thick crust is essential, a large number of sweat socks after the absorption edge thin enough. Water shoes are too many emergency stop when the foot sliding within the shoe is very dangerous.


Tennis is a sport politeness and courtesy, when you are not sure whether the ball falls on the other side in the sector, when, as a rule should be sentenced to the other side win, even after you from printing on the ground, found the ball off point is outside the sector can not be overturned the original ruling. In each other's back to the ball can not make any harassment of the other's actions or words. After the match, winning or losing both sides should take the initiative came up to shake hands with each other, to show courtesy.



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