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141,122,2222010-02-15 12:10:45 +0000 #1
at the national contest on, and the green school competitions in schools 4 Tianbao Temple, all members of the information, thank you
【Masako】2010-02-15 12:15:07 +0000 #2
4 Tianbao Temple: / 945312.htm? fr = ala0

Whitehead Kuranosuke:

Small Ishikawa, Kenjiro: / view/1678374.htm

Oshiashi him also:

Chitose Senri:

Toyama Kintaro:

Golden Koharu:

's Yuji:

http : / /

Ishida silver:

financial front light:


should almost be the most complete of the bar ... ... (worn out ... ...) Louzhu want to help!
Xi Sakura - Night Ring2010-02-15 12:51:12 +0000 #3
Coach: Watanabe Osamu

27-year-old uncle, the total dangling from his mouth a stick, it seems a bit lazy of a person, but in fact quite brains. Green studied with the D1 competition, to deal with Tezuka and retreat back to the application the Department of His Highness thousand miles, for others it Koumen, favorite asked people to eat water Plain

"The Prince of Tennis" (Teニスの王子様), the debut of the characters.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke Shiraishi Kuranosuke Sheng You: Hosoya Yoshimasa

『quiet passion in perfect tennis flowing Holy Book』

"er er - in excellent shape!!"

4 Tian Bao Temple school, 3 years Group 2 on the 14th

birthday: 4 14 (Aries)

Blood Type: B

Lee wrist: Left

pride technology: a round-table pumping attack (with the orange ball is characterized by a runaway same)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 66kg

foot length: 27cm

vision: around 1.5

poisonous weeds of knowledge: 200 species of

Favorite food: Cheese Baked Rice

Interests: chess, health, gymnastics

family members: father, mother, sister, sister, cat

Father's Occupation: Pharmacist

School Position: Health Committee

good subjects: Chemistry

are not good subjects: None

most frequently occurring school corner: Nightmare

born Primary: nam mouay Field Primary School

pocket money to spend: health Goods

motto: from start to finish

Favorite Movies: Korean movies

Favorite books: Herbarium

Favorite Music: psychedelic trance

Favorite color: Her Groove color

like types: shampoo with a scent of people

dating want to go: Botanic Garden

now the most wanted things: life-sized a large dressing mirror

daily must do: Bath time stretch (yoga)

not good deal of things: Daozhui girls

tennis outside the stunt: to distinguish poisonous weeds </CC> Because the bandages wrapped around his left arm has been called the "murderous scheme", is rarely able to stop the wayward and a strange force of Toyama Kintaro figure. (Xiao Jin did not listen when they threaten to remove bandages, Xiaojin will be scared to escape cold ... ... ... ...)

Youth Academy for this year's high marks.

Have a contest in the second year of the summer had become a minister and served as the strength of singles.

Playing style is a perfect tennis.

By the same team Oshiashi Kwok-him, also known as "tennis Holy Book," "four Tian Bao Temple in the Bible,"

and Green study of war, to three singles in his capacity as with the Fuji Shusuke fighting nick of time when in order to win 7:6.

Is the only one in the race and beat the Fuji Shusuke player.

And has only played in the race twice.

Small Ishikawa Kenjiro (3 Year)

3 grade, 4 Tianbao Temple Middle School Vice-Minister of tennis.

Height: 185CM

Weight: 73KG

Blood Type: A

Birthday: May 30 (Gemini)

Hobbies: cooking

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite food: meat?

Like types: a long-term coexistence of people

family members: father, mother, sister

complacency Subject: Mathematics

Lee wrist: Right

batting style: counter

father's occupation: Civil servants

Oshiashi him also Oshitari Kenya Sheng You: Fukuyama Jun

(3 grades)

Osaka, the speed of the star, Osaka Lucky Star

Birthday: March 17 (Pisces)

Blood type: B

Lee Hand: right

proud technology: Naniwa from tennis Scud running velocity of the stars

Height: 177cm

Weight: 63kg

foot length: 27cm

trick: high speed about throttle

vision: around 2.0

class pencil speed: Determination can not be

Favorite food: vegetable juice, Oden inside light wine with a muscle Simi Lu

Interests: shopping (window shoping)

Family members: father, mother, brother, iguanas, cousin - Oshiashi Yu-Shi

Father's Occupation: Physician (private)

School Position: announcer

Learning strengths: English , Mathematics

learning weaknesses: World History

often appear in schools: the radio room

Primary school: Dalton elementary school

pocket money Hori second purpose: to hair bleaching

motto: No Speed, No Life.

Favorite Movie: Life and Death speed of

favorite books: car cartoon

Favorite Music: RAP

favorite color: red, white

favorite type: childlike innocence, when people want to go

dating places: in the amusement park roller coaster

now the most wanted things: a new bandage

daily must do: take care of iguanas

can not stand the things / things: Wait

tennis beyond the skills: drums

Qian also Divination: Crystal Divination

dreaming of insight into the opportunities in the

result After the heart has a crimson birthmark, so called nickname Fei

by Crystal point of view, Kwok is also a very keen sense of aesthetic fashion people. Sociability high, with people really well, and friends a lot. And have a strong intuition, very emotional, which is why things are also very good predictive ability. Aware of the feelings of Chitose, application to change the order of actions such as playing games, but also due to his health with such qualities. However, because there are too narcissistic side, so it defeat incurred without authorization to take it for granted things that are commonplace.

Whitehead revealed knowledge of him has also bean: class, use the eraser

very interesting class, with quite a strange shape, rubber desperately ah rub rub the.

Chitose Senri Chitose Senri Sheng You: Osuga pure

『addicted to my door to aggressively pursue non-believers』

"It's like caged bird ah, Tezuka ... ..."

4 Tian Bao Temple, a group of 17 secondary school 3 years No.

Birthday: December 31 (Capricorn)

Blood Type: A

Lee wrist: Left

pride Technology: Selfless, brilliance glow of the limits of God hidden

Height: 194cm

Weight: 81kg

foot length: 28cm

vision : Left 0.8, right eye visual acuity decreased

school attendance: 49.8%

Favorite food: horsemeat sashimi

Interests: Chess, Walking

family members: father, mother, sister

Father's Occupation: potter

School Position: Beautification Committee

good subjects: mathematics, history, art

not good at the subject: Music

most frequently occurring corner of the school: the school came from the mountain

Primary: Kumamoto first primary

pocket money to spend: hanging out when the tram Money

motto: Let the boring world of fun together

Favorite Movie: Ghibli Animation

favorite books: High to chess books

Favorite music: leaves swaying sound

love the color: color

like dandelion type: Melancholy of people

dating want to go places: parks

now the most wanted: The Silver Earring

a day will do: while walking side funny cat

not good deal of things: Spider

tennis beyond the skills: a quick glance there are no brothers or sisters know each other </CC>

Toyama Kintaro Tooyama Kintarou

『wild nature! Naive romantic optimist on the fly across the pitch 』
" monster - to a showdown呀!! "
4 Tianbao Temple School a year Group 4 on the 20th

Birthday: April 1 (Aries)

Blood Type: B

Lee wrist : Right

proud technology: Super Invincible absolutely fabulous big-wheel SHAN Lan [the words of the translation of this unique skill that no one can grasp the fundamental ah = =...]

Height: 151cm

Weight: 52kg

vision: about 3.6 inch foot: 26cm

100km Marathon Record: 6 hours 29 minutes (unofficial)

Favorite food: Takoyaki

Interests: watching cartoons

Family members: father, mother, dog [with Echizen relatively ah ... ...]

father's occupation (family business) : Post Office Staff

Board: Sports Festival Executive Committee

good Subject: Sports

are not good subjects: Chinese, mathematics, science, social, and English schools in the corner

most frequently occurring: gymnasium

Birth Primary: Dotonbori first primary

Petty money to spend: to buy to eat not eat Takoyaki

motto: The bully bullying should just go back!

Favorite Movie: War films

favorite books: COOL

favorite music: the temple festival songs

favorite color: gold, orange, green

like types: an interesting guy

dating want to go places: a date to be dry Han okay?

Now the most wanted: 100 copies of the Takoyaki

every day to do: eat eat

not good deal of the thing: the stunt outside the school

Tennis: In the morning fishing

Features: Because the car can not catch up to the Tokyo, the direct use of running. Super good ... there is strength ... ... ... ... ... very greedy

Golden Koharu Konjiki Koharu Sheng You: Naito-ling

『HOMO is also the design? ! Funny & Tennis Database 』
" comedy is king呀
Birthday: November 9 (Scorpio)

Blood type: B

Lee wrist: Right

proud technology: IQ tennis, Mario Tennis, intelligence Tennis

Height: 170cm

Weight: 60kg

feet inches: 26cm

vision: around 0.03

trick: water ballet (and 1's), comedy, tennis, spy video Mirage (occasionally resorted to), high-speed database

put tennis into the cup after: F cup

Favorite Food: prune

Interests: making props

family members: father, mother, sister

father's occupation (family business): University Professor

Committee: Student Accounting

proud of subjects: Mathematics

are not good subjects: None

The most often appear in schools corner: the toilet

Birth Primary: Daoming Si Primary School

pocket money to spend: see crosstalk performances

motto: Peach unrequited love ♥

Favorite Movies: Stunts Video

favorite books: Einstein's work

love Music: idols are lovely songs ♥

Favorite Color: straw yellow, pink

Favorite type: cute love ♥

dating want to go places: romantic place ♥

now the most wanted things: heart, jumping, Canada, speed ☆

every day to do: make eyes should practice

not good at the things: clumsy man

stunt than tennis: Dr. aides humorous skits

1's Yuji Hidouji Yuuji Sheng You: Xiongyuan Table

『voice even more than technology ... ...! Wholeheartedly for the late autumn imitation Prince 』
" also engaged in an affair - do you want to die!! "
4 Tian Bao Temple College 3 years and 8 Group 22

Birthday: September 11 (Virgo)

Blood type: B

Lee wrist: Left

pride techniques: imitation tennis, Mario Tennis

Height: 168cm

Weight: 59kg

feet inches: 25.5cm

vision: about 1.8 the number of people have been imitated: 95

Favorite Food: okra

Interests: making props

Family members: father, mother, brother

father's occupation (family business): Designer

Committee: member of

good to explore interesting subjects: Art

not good at the subjects: Mathematics

most frequently occurring school corner: Xiaochun, where I Where

Born Primary School: New Yanagawa, North Primary School

pocket money to spend: to buy props

motto: life is to imitate the success! The rigid life is failure!

Favorite Movie: Baby Sweethearts [do not know what movies, I guess ... ...キューィーTe Hello Workニー]

favorite books: props materials

favorite music: foreign music (rock)

Favorite color: blue

like the type: Xiao-chun ♥

dating want to go places: in their own home watching TV

now the most wanted: exclusive TV

every day to do: Check out funny variety show

not good dealMatter: a child

tennis outside the stunt: imitation silver

Ishida Ishida Gin Shengyou: high mounds are also

『smashed the 108-type fluctuations in trouble! The power to reach the limits of self-cultivation Monk 』
" really sad呀... ... "
3 years, 4 Tian Bao Temple School Group 5 on the 3rd

Birthday: January 25 (Aquarius)

Blood Type: O

Lee wrist: Left

pride technology: 108 -type fluctuations in the ball (5 for each game can only be resorted to type, right Kawamura has spent more than 20 positions), fluctuations of the ball is invalid

Height: 189cm

Weight: 82kg

feet inches: 28.5cm

vision: around 2.0

Weightlifting Power: More than 200kg

Favorite food:うなweight

Interests: self-cultivation

Family members: father, mother, brother (Ishida iron, two-year fixed-feng, and once Kawamura injured wrist), sister

father's occupation (family business) : carpenter

Committee: administered by the members of

good subjects: Chinese, Japanese history

not good Subject: Home Economics

most frequently occurring corner of the school: The school was born after the Waterfall

Primary: East not move the cost of peak primary

pocket money: savings, Remittance

motto: `color` or `yes` empty space that is `yes` color `
favorite movie: kung fu movie

favorite books: Buddhist

Favorite music: Enka

favorite color: lead color

like types:

dating independent women want to go places: Tea House

now the most wanted: a new racket

every day to do: meditation

not good deal of things: the crowd outside the stunt

Tennis: read Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra

and his brother are faced with an opponent luck ... ... Obviously he is better than his brother could be injured Kawamura Kawamura ... ... Although he played the scars ... ... ... ... Kawamura jump, but fluctuations in the ball ... ... I do not said ... ...

fiscal front light Zaizen Hikaru

Sheng You: Hirofumi Araki

『4 Tianbao Temple of future generations to play themselves and others agree that the talent』

"Anyway, you spend too much time ... ... predecessors."

4 Tianbao Temple Secondary School for 2 years 7 groups on the 14th

Birthday: July 20 (Cancer)

Blood Type: A

Lee wrist: Left

pride technology:?

Height: 167cm

Weight: 57kg

feet inches: 25.5cm

vision: the average temperature of about 1.5
: 35 ° C

Favorite food: sticky rice flour cake piece Mission

Interests: Music Appreciation (foreign)

Family Members: Father, mother, brother, sister-yi, nephew

father's occupation (family business): Trading Company Staff

Committee: Books Members

good Subject: English

not good Subject: Classical

most frequently occurring school corner: audio-visual Hall

Birth Primary: Dotonbori first primary

pocket money to spend: to buy CD, buy a network [may be paid online]

maxim: those who can afford otherwise remain hidden

Favorite Movie:アメリ
favorite books: music magazine

favorite music : United Kingdom Department ofインディーズ
like types: home-based girls

dating want to go places: coffee shop

now the most wanted: set of stereo mix

every day to do: write a blog

not good should matter : fish out the grievances of

tennis outside the stunt: computer composer

[Saisen a small supplement]

His earrings are 3 left ear, right ear 2.

Color is blue, yellow, black, green, red, representatives of the Olympic colors.

[Edit this paragraph] 4 Tianbao Temple played


Section 8 sets the storm premonition

Temple of the 14th set of four Tianbao VS fixed peak

15 sets roar (Fuji VS Shiraishi)

16 sets of tennis funny terror (Peach City - Hai Tang VS Koharu - Mary Help of Christians)

No. 17 sets the burden of Youth Studies (Kawamura VS Ishida Silver)

No. 18 set two doors (Tezuka - Dry VS Chitose - Finance ago)

19 sets a ball winner (Toyama VS Echizen)

No. 20 BBQ Prince (Green Science VS 4 VS Tian Bao Temple, Higa VS in VS hexagonal ice in the Emperor)

No. 21 sets the peak showdown (Tezuka VS Sanada)

Section 22 sets of our approach (dry - Kaido VS Liu - Kirihara)

No. 23 can see the sun set Starlight (Fuji VS Nio)

No. 24 set will be heart-in-One (kiku - Rock VS Marui - Kuwabara)

No. 25 set the final decisive battle Prince VS Son of God (Toyama VS Komura) (Echizen VS Komura)

section 26 sets To my dear princes (Echizen VS Komura)

OVA Namba men (prequel)

OVA Namba man (Part Two)



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