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To find a tennis player's story

Days lost adventures2010-02-15 12:11:30 +0000 #1
read such a story to the effect that a tennis player after the game, he met a person to seek help, saying that a child is ill and needs a treatment costs, so he put the prize money given to this people. Later, someone told him that he had been duped, no less a child. This player has not since been cheated and angry, but glad that such a suffering child. Who knows the original of this story please tell, thank you.
cold Sirius Star2010-02-15 12:15:20 +0000 #2
is a story about golf news

the best-known golfer, Argentina Luobotede vincendo once win a championship and picked up sticks

our votes He smiled from the tight encirclement of reporters out into the parking lot to return to the club. At this time a young woman approached her. She extended congratulations to the vincendo then said that her poor child was very ill - probably will not survive - and she did not know how to pay for the exorbitant medical expenses and hospital costs.

Vincendo told by her deeply touched. He Erhuamoyue, took out his pen had just won a check on the fast way

signed his name, and then superimpose the girl.

"This is the prize money. I wish the poor child lucky." He said.

A week later, Vincent is a multi-country club for lunch.

A Professional Golf Association official came and asked him a week ago claiming the child is experiencing a very ill young woman.

"Parking lot to tell my kids." Officials said.

Vincendo nodded his head.

"Oh, for you, this is bad news," the official said. "That woman is a liar, and she simply

no seriously ill children. She was not even married mile! Vincendo - you people fool you! My friend."

"Are you saying that simply do not have a sick child die faster? "
" is like this, simply do not. "officer replied.

Vincendo Zhang Yu a deep breath. "It's a week I heard the best news." Vincent say any more.
189580065272010-02-15 12:58:03 +0000 #3



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