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The application of hands backhand tennis what is the situation in the country?

liangyu10262010-02-15 13:10:09 +0000 #1
Tennis backhand with both hands the application of what is the situation in the country? Penetration and some other issues
cg_rr2010-02-15 13:21:47 +0000 #2
hands backhand used in almost any kind of situation, the existing double reverse is the mainstream of tennis play.

In today's professional tennis, did not play, few can use single-lens reflex, that is, Federer's it.

Pairs of anti-penetration at 85%.

For any study of tennis now for your future development in order to suggest that you learn double reverse. Learn it is also easy to use than the forehand faster. Changed hands in the future with one hand is better when it comes to change. SLR to change hands is not a very good change.

Of course, the ordinary amateur can not be running in the play-dual (in the Nadal match can often see). Actions of both sides is not complicated, the key point is that your movement. I am also a double reverse, to mention a little feel for your reference:

1, to enhance physical training, to ensure that the speed of your move, including mobile footwork, of course, have your pre-judgment of the ball.

2, can not be lazy, as long as possible in the body, be sure He walked the ball in place. Does not think it is almost not run, which would increase with age, you will feel that you always narrowly.

3, regular exercises, including two anti-ping hit, golf, and top spin.

4, in the backhand chop and double anti-less hesitation between. The strength of both great, but demanding. A larger slice of the arbitrary felt easier. In the large-angle to save a ball or playing tactics chop, it is generally preferred both sides.

So you both sides will be more stable.

Add that is: the level you are looking for a little person, targeted exercises Cai Xing.
Born small Cheung2010-02-15 13:58:51 +0000 #3
I am a tennis professional, Xi'an Institute of Physical Education special hygiene. Double reverse is currently the most common and most basic backhand teaching goals. S & P regardless of university teachers specializing in repair, will teach you the double-back ball. SLR only as an introduction, capacity good for students to self-SLR.

In the public health, the pairs of counter-still account for more than 85% ratio.



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