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I ask to buy and the kind of tennis racket for beginners

Forest Fairy2010-01-19 21:01:22 +0000 #1
best to write down the brand, said the reasons for better under Model
shpd7132010-01-19 21:04:50 +0000 #2
Tennis beginners to buy film recommendations:

1. Do not ignore the brand and model series, Nett at 700 yuan can meet the quality of high-end racket needs;

2. rackets with higher added value, but not anyone can get 4-6 per cent off, of course, fake, fake goods is not; 6-8 fold Comparison of normal;

3. the ball a sense of play good or not depends on the suitability of the first and the second depends on each habit. For the novice there is no sense of the ball, the ball is not a sense of reference value;

If conditions permit, may purchase the novice beat 700-900. Reference factors:

film surface :97-115;

Weight: Female 240-290; men 280-310;

Balance: 5pt a top-heavy the first light-2pt;

frame thickness: 24mm or more;

took this prescription to the Monopoly purchase can be; In general, the novice and power of the weakness of the President proposed to use OS racket, hitting area, dessert large, easy to receiving the ball, and because shooting wide areas, the net after the ball come into contact with power dispersed is also open, dumping the effect of power obviously, but also facilitate the leveraging the power of. The MID racket as dessert small ball when technology and power requirements are high, but focus more on the ball when the strength of strong players can easily play violent blow! MID racket so most of the weight of the racket type racket designed for players with violence. The MP racket, we can say is the most mainstream racket, from Gaoren to newcomers can be used, can choose according to their characteristics.



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