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My Neighbor Totoro 302010-02-15 13:11:29 +0000 #1
Hamburg, Germany, were stabbed from behind
r_cloud_strife2010-02-15 13:22:04 +0000 #2
1993 Nian 4 30, at the Hamburg Open 1 / 4 final, when Monica Seles 6:4, 4:3 lead into the break between games, one called the Graf-jun Tanpaqier fans sneak behind her from grandstand completed the assassination. Under the knife in her left shoulder blade, and afterwards the murderer confessed that he was to help his idol Steffi Graf to return to the world before the assassination, and the knife left a direct result of Monica Seles's tennis for 27 months and completely changed her life.

In fact, this was a planned assassination of a very long time. From 1990 Monica Seles beat Graf in Berlin, from the time when this crazy fan has been planned to assassinate. According to his confession, he had several programs, but because of lack of passports, only to wait until Seles to play in Hamburg. Monica Seles, after arriving in Hamburg, there had been some strange things happen, she was training a lot of fans in the stadium camera, and the murderer was standing local players on many occasions, these are so upset Monica Seles, the first match After she was also tracked. Although she applied for a protection to the organizing committee, but the security have been dereliction of duty, there is no one on time. Day of the incident, the old Seles because of stomach examination, resulting in no one to accompany her to the stadium, eventually leading to the inevitable tragedy occurs.



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