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Who likes big and small Tak-wai? Tell us pasted away ... to speak briefly on the line, sent to put o

Ear guagua2010-02-15 14:11:03 +0000 #1
left heart that2010-02-15 14:18:32 +0000 #2
I used to like the Da-wei, lawn Queen, playing great charm, and she also creates a lot of records ... but hand injuries in recent years, a good state of ... bad ... to support her ...

little German, thought he好帅their eyes when the network felt that he was good and charming ... Hehe ... I anthomaniac ...
Summer muchuan son2010-02-15 14:18:12 +0000 #3
Which aspects of it -

the small German words I like - his performance this year is not good - but at the end of a good situation - it is mainly red clay in Madrid, the time is probably somewhat affected trust me - the later the French were out early - but at the end improved the winner have to Paris - the whole of this year is definitely not as good as last year - but because the Australian out of the back of this there will be a large room for long hours -

I think that every time he lost that they can later sincere smile This is so precious to congratulate the opponents of the -

try their best not to show themselves to be very lost - is very considerate of others ah -

He retired race is quite controversial, but decided that he did his own reason, he always felt that good before to do bar -

Da-wei I am not particularly fond of - she is now with no smaller - have been decimated by injuries, appears to singles as strong as before, but her ability is still very strong - as if present or the size of Viagra the most dominant look like - and doubles on the very far Well -

I played a good serious, are sincere in sweat ah -



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