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Tennis Net how to select

lhydd20072010-02-15 15:10:34 +0000 #1
want to buy a beginner's tennis with the net, the how to select?
Zenzai Boy Xiaoxiao2010-02-15 15:18:07 +0000 #2
outdoor stadium network through the wind and rain will be rotten - a long time inside the wire net will be drawing the ball net on the lower, it is recommended not to buy bad.

Tennis which everything is a reason: low prices in the short time with good quality durable long

I have come to experience the latter is still worthwhile - good quality (in on)
landline2010-02-15 15:27:04 +0000 #3

tennis racket-line knowledge

1 is not pull no strings of the racket is like a violin, this is only a semi-finished, you should be the same as for the selection of the spirit of the racket stringing. Is just an election put on line, or do not threading the racket? This is in response to the player's skill level and how much to spend money to buy a racket may be. Shang Hao lines are generally higher than the interests of the racket. He generally suitable for beginners, because beginners on the line structure, meticulous, tension and other less sensitive functions. Buy without threading racket Hua Xiao higher, but so easy to win elections one can teach you to play with the racket, the racket can be accompanied by appropriate line of your ball. Choose a good threading member. To wear the appropriate line of the racket the first program that is to elect members of a professional threading threading for your racket, good threading member will need to be able to answer your questions about network cable and network shoot a variety of issues and help you choose line of the ball for you, and your style of play of the diameter, tension and so on.

Threading need to focus on the following:

1, line choice: There are many of the line of the ball allows you to choose what kind of structure with the ball of the line? More coarse? Wear a few pounds? In the discretion wins a few questions above, is that you should pay attention to their batting the ball line function and life expectancy has greatly influenced. Should also pay attention to the store do not pick stocks line; generally better lines will not be put in the shop for too long. The best line and you think that a reliable threading member to debate the discretion of your need to seize your answer.

2, line construction: There are basically two kinds of tectonic lines: gut and synthetic nylon line. In general, the gut function of the ball better, the nylon line, longer life expectancy. But now on the market are also some function of another good shot a few durable nylon line. Discretion to use in your wins and constructed in line before the ball better, and threading the first member of the debate and find out for your shot

3, diameter: whether it is synthetic gut or nylon line, the thickness of the attack appears to ball function and durability of the balance point is also playing a very primary role. Generally speaking, smaller line of the ball better and hitting the ball a sense of function, compared to thick line of the ball better durability. You should choose the most appropriate diameter to use.

4, tension: if you play racket can tie-ning, but also pay attention to the tension line of the ball. The first principle, that is the tension between the ball line of vendors within the proposed pounds, so the racket out of the function of intelligence has been espoused. If you do not do so may also make your racket manufacturers are not guaranteed. If you want more power lines on the ball wear in the vendor proposed pounds minimum. Low-tension line of the ball can occur even greater power than the loose ball line can push the line of the ball bed faster, deeper, conversely, the higher the tension line of the ball, hitting the power of the smaller, but for stroke monopolize attributes actually enjoy good depth. The line too tight elastic beds is limited, so line of the ball to the slingshot effect of the smaller ball, so you swing so slow but needs the power of line tension on the ball wear less. On the contrary, if the power of your own large, high-tension will be a little more for you.

5, changing the frequency of line: line of the ball is not interrupted only needs to be replaced, because the ball after the line was taut over a period of time will be flexible and appears tired and inflexible. There is a simple principle that you can refer to when the change of line, that is, an average of one week, depending on your play time and again the ball, you change at least one year on the repeated line, but at least once a year for line of the ball.



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