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VICTOR Dram 11 how like?

№尛のYang o02010-02-15 15:10:54 +0000 #1
Ya Ya - its debut in September this year, drop yo!

Want to buy a new film for a long time, but always had mixed emotions.

My daughter 13, the ball is age 2 years, and now 22 pounds to play the YONEX ISO.

Weakness is lofty goals can only be pulled from their backcourt other midfield,

killing the ball, especially for girls, so what's the threat, said no. . . .

Do not know if this pat can make up my lack of,

Let us give suggestions. . THANKS!

If you buy it, on the 24 would be better?
intellimouse2010-02-15 15:21:49 +0000 #2
Do not want to kill the ball, singles of the first prerequisite is to be able to pull the line in the end Chudi Xian lofty goals. Takato could not pull the ball, you can only give others the opportunity to create a perfect kill the ball, you can kill the ball what is the use.

If you can not do a good pull lofty goals, but also for tempo, then pick must beat the standard is to see whether it can help you achieve the "Dora far as possible a number of" for this purpose.

In general, so lofty hit the ball very well, there are two points, one a top-heavy, that is to beat bigger moment of inertia, so even if the tempo, "whirl to" the ball, there are also easier to play a bit further.

The second point is that beat in the bar can not be too hard, this is only for those who can afford a proper swing work, that is, a lot of the population to "borrowing."

If these two meet, no one would work. . .

Dram 11 really is the hard-rod, but the AT600, and YY ratio, Liang Jian 11's head is not heavy, so not very good relative leveraging. The YY's at600 head heavier, Rod is also a medium hard, more suitable for the power of poor people. AT600 good, the price is also a second-line beat the price, not expensive. Just finished this year's Hong Kong Open, mixed doubles championship where the girl is the player with the AT600.

Another would also like to recommend a Li Ning's BP300A, Li Ning's BP300 series and the national team are very good elastic than the elasticity YY. The team series generally heavier, but also expensive, is not taken into account. .

BP300A be considered. And BP300A mid-stroke than the AT600 soft, more like ARC7 kind of hardness, but the head is obviously heavy. Such a configuration, just from a lofty ball is undoubtedly a very appropriate.

BP300A points W2 and W3 (that weight, equivalent to YY's 4U and 3U), and S2 S3 (Grip thickness, equivalent to YY's G5 and G4), proposed to buy the W2 S2. . .

In addition to this beat and pull should pay attention to horizontal path. . This horizontal line can only beat a path to wear, is its "nail-free holes" caused by.

On the line, pulled 24 can play, require you to personally try Caixing. And you shop there, do not pull it say whether the Right pounds ah. . .

Indeed pounds higher, the greater flexibility (thinner diameter, amplitude smaller, energy losses become smaller), but need to focus more hair strength to drive.

Like a bow and a small dart, used to kill prey, in the powerful hands, Longbow is undoubtedly the only option, but no power in the hands, pull them in bow, a small dart is the only选择. .

Some article said that pounds the lower the power the greater it is wrong, I said is right. . .

I suggest you try a line of high flexibility, those thin diameter line, such as GOSEN the R4X200, YY, etc. of the BG80 BG85.

However, the shortcomings of such a line is the durability lower, off pounds faster. Not take three months, will feel the line has changed so much.
zzzzffff9922010-02-15 15:35:45 +0000 #3
Girls estimate is still somewhat difficult to play not beat

may also be characterized by

at 24? Is not very recommended

or the first power of hair strength training techniques



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