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Seeking all records of tennis with the holder! ! !

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Graf: Gold slam + 4 Competition 4 times respectively more than Feng Hou

Rod Laver: Two "Annual Grand Slam"

"Grand Slam" , namely "Grand Slam", originally meaning the same year to win four Grand Slam singles titles, and now evolved as a "career Grand Slam" and "Annual Grand Slam", the former no time limit, as long as a career Even if an assembly of four contest winners, while the latter stresses the importance of a season.

exam Special: 62 Grand Slam Cup (women's singles 24, doubles 38)

Pete Sampras: 14 Great Slam men's singles title + 6 consecutive year-end No. 1

Navratilova: 167 + Wimbledon singles title crown

Ralph Waldo Emerson 9: 28 Grand Slam Cup (singles 12, Doubles 16)

Jimmy Connors: 109 singles titles

Andre Agassi: life-long Grand Slam

Life Agassi Grand Slam is now only one person exclusive, referring to his career to win all four Grand Slam title, plus the Olympic singles gold medal.

Bjorn Borg: Wimbledon Championships men's 41 game winning streak

Ivan Lendl: 8 consecutive years, broke into the U.S. Open men's singles final

Vilas: Men's Singles 46 within one year game winning streak

Vilas: single season, 16 wins

Ivan Lendl: single-season wins men's 106

Connors: career wins men's 1155 (1222)

Tilden: The U.S. net six consecutive

Roger Federer: So far the longest continuous history of the world's top first weeks (185 weeks)

Ivan Lendl: 19 Grand Slam finals advance

Bjorn Borg: 89% Grand Slam winning

Sampu Lars: 286 weeks ranked No. 1

other records:

1 year, the largest number of wins singles title: 16 Vilas in 1977

a year, the largest number of wins doubles titles: 17 - John McEnroe in 1979

1 year, won the largest number of combinations doubles: 15 Froemming / John - John McEnroe in 1979

a year, the highest winning percentage: 96.5% (82 wins 3 losses), John - John McEnroe in 1984

a year, bonus up to: 8,343,885 USD 2006

Roger Federer became the first one for three consecutive years and above 10 Tour titles, Federer's first Wimbledon for three consecutive years U.S. Open champion, Federer's first straight by two years Wimbledon U.S. Open Australian Open champion.

the youngest Tour Champion: Kristen (Krickstein), 1983 title match in Tel Aviv, when only 16 years and 2 months.

the oldest Tour winner: Roseville, in 1977 won the championship tournament in Hong Kong was already 43 years and 11 days.

to obtain the lowest ranked winner Tour players: Lleyton Hewitt won in Adelaide in 1998, when he was only 550 in world rankings .

Bureau of the largest number of matches: 112 Board, 1969 Pancho - Gonzalez in the first round of Wimbledon with Pasveer fought a total of 112 Board.

the longest singles match: 6 hours 33 minutes, 2004 No. 1 French Open victory over fellow Frenchman Arnaud Clement Santoro.

the longest doubles match: 6 hours 20 minutes, in 2002 combination of the Davis Cup semi-final David Nalbandian of Argentina / Arnold beat Russia portfolio Sa Fen / Yevgeny Kafelnikov.



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