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How the footsteps of tennis

jimmyslve2010-02-15 16:10:39 +0000 #1

help take a look at my actions
wgymnl2010-02-15 16:17:12 +0000 #2
in your hand when the fight is the pace and stations have been pretty good ,

to your backhand stations still also need to hit the ball an instant stand some of the more stable,

backhand itself is not being made easy to force, so you need a good mobile Paowei to compensate,

for your run action, on the whole a great advance,

you are running the range is not large, so could not see any big problems

You now need to practice mobile technology, and this process is very important is that you can play games from the training techniques to an important period of transition, this period is also easier to exercise the right you have to beat swing, distortion, because the move can easily arise in practice are not in place and the situation should be shot,

recommended that:

1. step by step exercises Mobile the pace of mobile technology is to ensure that the correct swing, the prerequisite to complete a relatively small movement of the left and right before and after the shot, this time on the "Hello ball" staff requirements and is relatively high, if not do the other technologies, the best multi-ball "Hello Ball" guarantee to the ball in place, and then gradually increase the running distance, and then increased after the feeding speed of the ball, and then later, after running interspersed a variety of technologies, such as: cut, put a small ball, high pressure and so on in order to The competition aims to achieve a real simulation of

2. After the link after a period of time, (to be very skilled) and then to Z-training method, that is, the two partners, one straight ball just hit paste venue sideline fight, the other party just to play a slash This training is very simple, but very cruel, requires a lot of physical strength as a foundation



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