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Ask an expert recommend for me to use a tennis racket (I hope to help people help you up)

bhsun2010-02-15 16:11:03 +0000 #1
The following are my specific situation:

I am 20 years old, height 176, weight 65KG, upper body strength and not very good. , Who began practicing tennis, a good foundation. 15-year-old to stop playing due to the dissolution of the team until 2007 began to reconstruct it. Prior to the ball in to restore a sense of playing a few games recently and found that had been used nine years ago, beat greatly limited my level, so now want to trade one for my beat.

I am a full-type players like Yi Fa-Ping firing strong point of view, two hair on the spin, are hand-made force knocked the ball like points, to seize the opportunity will be able to access the Internet, mostly pairs of counter-attack backhand mainly cutting supplement, there are 4.0-4.5 level. I do play a beat for what it? Please expert recommendation, not too much racket, and I tried 100 film surface PRINCE Q1, felt ball felt very bad, perhaps I've been using the 90 racket reason, not used to playing big racket.

PS (some additional information) WILSON

I used the N90, but the weight of 329 makes me feel after a long fight a very tough, serve little power, but also in the passive case is easy to mistake. 1 month ago bought a K95, 279 light-edition, beat light, can Xpress control, the ball is not bad, but nothing that the ball hit the power. Last week, took part in the Chevrolet Cup, as his own K95 pounds pull the wrong line, by next friend of a HEAD with (a specific model to understand it, because I do not beat the deep research, configuration, about 98 film surface, shoot weight 295), think that the tempo has greatly increased the power of my serve, 98 of the film surface also reduced the passive when I played the situation allowed, but not K95 90 that the ball well, handling the ball when the midfielder made of soft power Chang ... ...

Now playing community is still relatively popular brands of film HEAD which I hope you have a deep study of the racket recommendation of expert help, thank you -

yorkyao2010-02-15 16:18:16 +0000 #2
You have a good basis for such a long time to pick up back on the court more than a friend should be carefully chosen. First of all give you a few direct recommendations:

Head MicroGel Radical (L4)

Yonex RDS 002 08 "
Wilson K Factoy 95 Team 295g

Dunlop 300G 16 * 19

continue to answer:

Head MicroGel Radical (L4) -- - Super soft film, the spin-kai;

Yonex RDS 002 08 "- excellent defensive ability;

Wilson K Factoy 95 Team 295g - smart, good control;

Dunlop 300G 16 * 19 - the ball feel solid, steady performance ;

you find all of those parameters of comparison, but there are many important parameters are missing, resulting in not fully read the racket. Comparison of relevant parameters and performance, you can refer to

Also, check you have of that branch out of 002 do not know where the parameters, and I remember the difference between is relatively large. Suggested to see parameters, or to
Wandering Yue Ming 232010-02-15 16:32:42 +0000 #3
Recommended small Tak L5, Andy Roddick of the PD,

dunlop AG 500TOUR, also good



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