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How much is the cheapest tennis rackets

drop a snow2010-02-15 16:11:24 +0000 #1

r_cloud_strife2010-02-15 16:20:39 +0000 #2
BST as long as 40 yuan or so, and durable, texture and 70 yuan for a number of brands quite similar, feel good, relatively light. In general there is no such place where tennis racket You can go to buy some big cities.
Oshiashi Moon2010-02-15 16:44:15 +0000 #3
It depends on the local situation of the. The cheapest of the more than 40, some of them feel good, but some can not help to make, so be careful when buying.
kedylove2010-02-15 17:24:54 +0000 #4
In the Baidu has ah, Taobao, search Yunjie sports to try, I was in that store bought about 100, Double Happiness, and the quality is still good, we recommend that you go and see



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