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ACE tennis on the Dragon Who can understand more?

Leisure 20092010-02-15 16:11:30 +0000 #1
With regard to parameters, the performance aspect?
Blue River Jingyang2010-02-15 16:16:20 +0000 #2
ACE parameters with other parameters of tennis is the same, but because of the structure are different, so its sense of the ball is different, but also a sense precisely because of the ball, the ball-you will have a different choice.

ACE stands for Dragon X-ACE, the Chinese name is Phantom, level are special training for the ball.

The Dragon ball is the end of 2005 the company introduced a special ball, with thickening of games and competitions Felt Liner, precisely because of thick towels, so get started is very soft, a lot of friends that feel the ball very much the same Slazenger similar. The ball then in Shanghai and Guangzhou, two cities in the promotion, and achieved remarkable results, many people gave up the ball instead to play this ball game.

Beginning in 2009, Dragon Ball national company this business to its former marketing manager, Mr. Wu is responsible for, so now getting goods with no other business, and only Mr. Wu.



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