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With regard to the British and the Wimbledon

Lord gave me a bright2010-02-15 18:10:04 +0000 #1
Arthur Ashe Why do I say "English don't love tennis; they love Wimbledon" (the British do not like tennis, they like Wimbledon)? This is Why do you say ah?
andy59447042010-02-15 18:14:17 +0000 #2
1. First of all in the first half sentence English don't love tennis, on why the British do not like t this point, I think this should be a number of factors. Learned from my view is that although Britain has a long history of tennis, but its mass base than football and other collective projects, a little lacking in some places and even badminton is more popular than tennis to be. Secondly, tennis late in the last century began the long-term controlled by the Americans. Again, the British tennis is not at all out of color, it is Wimbledon, if I remember correctly, the British should be 72 years did not win the Grand Slam men's singles champion male athletes. Who are pro-the world's oldest Grand Slam, the local players could not titles and captured, embarrassment can be imagined.

2.they love Wimbledon. Why like Wimbledon and the British had it? Wimbledon here I would like to refer to should not only Wimbledon open more of a Wimbledon culture.

Here is a unique grass pitch, white strawberry milkshake player game convention loaded, of course, although it should be changed Henman Hill Murray Hill of

hope my explanation you can be satisfied



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