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Tennis will probably have to learn how long it

belleliu7582010-02-15 18:11:03 +0000 #1
I want to join the school tennis team,

was going to invite a coach every day, train for 2 hours. What they do not need a high level, that is, playing varsity tennis at school at least a pretty good

I have more athleticism, the general learning motor skills is relatively fast. .

Then go to that level is estimated that for how long?
Kuola night2010-02-15 18:25:29 +0000 #2
I am the organization department of our school community person in charge of tennis, if you are determined to train every day, so long as you insist on down, also a month, you almost can the combatants spar in court the overall level was detached from the rookie with the beginner level, but also the rest of the increase will not be too much =.= need you long after the practice of the ---
Liang _ Tun children2010-02-15 18:47:18 +0000 #3
Oh! I was sort of the University of amateur tennis! No coach taught entirely on her own, three years and can not even get started tee ball is made and can only start with ball! Fedele did not even like the backhand, and tennis is not a general and difficult training ah! I wish you good luck ah!
Kaka Flying Pig2010-02-15 18:38:13 +0000 #4
daily two hours a week can be very polished look, and if you are in college tennis team, then she was more talented, to find a coach to practice every day, ,1-3, each month they should be masters, and if it is is not a master, it is estimated that talent determines the difficulty greatly improved.
ST0522010-02-15 19:37:09 +0000 #5
according to your own situation, at least six months may be playing the bottom line back and forth. Tennis entry more difficult to spend two or three years effort, the basic exchange can go to school.



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