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babolat pd buying questions

txyaojx2010-02-15 19:10:40 +0000 #1
want to buy a few pieces of rhythm, and a set to buy babolat PD, but the face of PD are so many styles of knowing where to start.

PD in the above web site seems to have 10 models, to help introduce the next What is the difference, the respective characteristics.

I 180,60 a few kg, half of Western-style forehand, double reverse, power is not strong, the bottom line have the opportunity to Internet-based strategy

then the election of 06? 09? PD? PD +? What is the basis for seats?
qq248_20012010-02-15 19:23:46 +0000 #2
Yue Big Brother, lz asking such a question be sure it is not so high level of feeling not what the impact point, control of these things Hehe.

In fact very simple, the old version and the price of nothing more embarrassing advantage not stand.

08 models have CONTEX technology, is very realistic and hit the ball very good feeling! Most cost-effective!

As for the new is definitely improved technology, but also encompasses the former joined the GT technology, stability, feel better. More stylish look gorgeous. Also paragraph 08 seems expensive compared with about 100. Worthy of early adopters.

Select beat I think most important thing is first, do you expect given the price and then some beat. In fact, each has a good beat the price.

PS: you choose a good mall of that home tennis Oh, things are very cheap Oh, I also generally there to buy



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