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Tennis Village can not judge whether the ball out of the use of high-tech sector to determine, what

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"Eagle Eye" is also known as the instant replay system, which is to referee the accuracy of the effective aid. Principle of this technology is not complicated, but very sophisticated. This system consists of eight or 10 high-speed cameras, four computers and large-screen composition. The system is divided into several steps, first of all, using a computer calculation of the venues within the three-dimensional space divided into units of measurement calculated in millimeters; Then, using high-speed camera at the same time from different angles to catch the flight path of the basic data tennis; re - by computer, such data should generate three-dimensional image; and finally the use of real-time imaging technology, from the big screen clearly showing the route and the placement of tennis sport. The results from data collection to demonstrate that this process consumes time, no more than 10 seconds.

As the tennis in the air to run fast, and therefore fall to the ground, we often see players of their off-line generated controversy within or outside line. The "Eagle Eye" technology is to referee the accuracy of the effective support tool that can effectively prevent the emergence of some controversy.

Hawk-Eye technology:

8 fast black and white high-resolution cameras are placed around the golf course.

Ball's position: on the golf course with software calibration of each foul line, making the tracks have been running tennis ministries camera captured, they will come through the screen rendering.

Use of 3D technology to simulate tennis, imaging is based on the three aircraft designed to be in the "corner position" on the camera to capture the material.

Affect the generation process: The 2000 frame / sec obtained from each camera image, and transmit to the host computer.

Each frame after frame calibrated to determine the operating line of tennis, and figure out the ball along the floor of this track bounce-point run to ensure that the error control in less than 3 mm.

Hawk-Eye technology is often used for television transmission. This technology came as early as the beginning of 2001 when they won the Royal Television Society Innovation Award for Science and Technology awarded in 2003, compounded by widely used in tennis and was the nation's TV broadcast of the Emmy Award the highest award "Outstanding Contribution Award for Science and Technology." Pairs of tennis circles, the Hawk-Eye technology into the tennis scene penalty is a significant innovation, enough 36 years ago, compared to the introduction of the tie-break system. Team members asked to see "Eagle Eye" replay against referee satisfied, it is to challenge the authority of the status of judges in the field.
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Hawkeye is the video playback



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