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Tennis What are the basis of technical movements

YAOHUIJOYCE2010-02-15 19:11:15 +0000 #1
Detailed Point Kazakhstan -
dswinhaier2010-02-15 19:26:30 +0000 #2
basic technology, including

serve, return of serve, forehand, backhand, slice, high pressure ball, put a small ball, the net volley , lob ball.

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wenxuegenious2010-02-15 19:26:33 +0000 #3
grip means

beginner tennis, first of all to learn grip method. In general, the grip that the method can be divided into three types: The first is called the Oriental grip. Grip the ground when the film surface and perpendicular to the thumb and index finger was V-shaped grip in the Grip of the middle. The second, also known as British-style grip, in addition to the racket face perpendicular to the ground, the thumb and index finger was V-shaped grip in the Grip of the Central and Eastern methods such as grip, the difference is between the thumb and index finger contact rather than separately. The third is called Western-style grip. There are a lot of tennis players to use a Western-style grip, the racket face parallel with the ground, the palm grip Grip from above. This grip when playing golf can have a great power.

For starters, three kinds of methods can go to try and feel what a way to dig on the use which is not necessary from the outset, and passed only a kind. As technology improved, with some adjustment, thus making it more conducive to master the proper grip and better suited to their own way.

Ready to move though confrontational tennis is not very strong, but its intensity is significant. Therefore, before starting to play tennis, make sure to full activity in all parts of the body to open in order to avoid sprains in sport.

Tennis preparations to the body's major joints and ligaments mainly ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, ligaments leg arm muscle activity should be a good opening, so as to fully play technology, to avoid the damage occurred.

Swing action swing from the beginning to the end of swing, movement is very important. In other words, action is not just a simple swing swing the racket, but rather a movement starting from preparation of continuous full motion. Here were introduced the swing movement through several stages.

1. Ready position. The face of the net, his legs open, upper body slightly forward, the focus on the toes. Hand Qingwo racket, while the left Fuzhu racket, racket placed between the navel and chest height. According to the ball quickly to respond to determine a forehand or backhand, to be able at any time jumps.

2. Backswing. After the pendulum is waving back into the swing batter swing before the racket action. In general, the use of forehand down from the backward swing, and in the backhand shots after the multi-linear horizontal scrolls or from a bottom-up backward swing.

3. Pre-Hui. Determined batting points. After the swing correctly you wanted to stare at the ball, maintaining the stability of film surface, as much as possible the level of swing. To achieve the body to relax, concentrate on the swing.

From the back swing when you start to hit the ball far, fired arm stretched as far as possible, then we must pay attention not looking upward.

4. Batting. In the forward swing, the wrist should be fixed in order to maintain a stable surface film, but the grip should be relaxed, in the moment shots and then vigorously grip.

5. With the Hui. Sui Fai refers to hit the ball, the natural cessation of force, the racket with the potential to swing the direction of carding. With the wave amplitude must be large, if the half-way there is a standstill, it will reduce the power, but also disrupt his rhythm.

6. Back to the prepared position. With the arm after waving gently retracts the body center to do a good job of preparing the next shot. Action should be smooth.



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