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Want to change rackets

rtonothing2010-02-15 19:11:30 +0000 #1
University of Physical Education novice to learn to play tennis at least three times a week for nearly two months, about two hours (for the wall to practice a lot, mostly practiced movements to find touch) forces feel are good to use with one hand backhand (double Anti-Fat is rarely feel the left hand so that does not pull its weight

strength) are in hand and a half to spend in the vicinity of Western-style grip topspin baseline (currently only one way or another spin) Slow combatants spar in a relatively stable

school prior to buying a beat that when they do not know 110 strong carbon-aluminum alloy less than a month to play a chord on the loose, and as knowledgeable about the proposal to deepen and the surrounding want to change the tempo a little better

would like to ask whether it is necessary for beat

There are two programs a beginner to buy the kind of 300-400 beat (such as wave forces carbon beat) until the level when high pulls better

2 is there any development could take place is whether it has the kind of right for me now and into the future to improve the level of both parameters is from the durability point of view can be let me spend more than four years of the classic brand of racket advanced materials within the acceptable price of 1000

Please help me to see which programs are better and introduce a few suitable classic beat (please consider my offer various points)

There I mainly want to go online to buy (the price is the price is the price of those few sites)

alternative site 1. "Power Gene "(dono)


3.51sports (I would like to Sports)

these few sites can be guaranteed to be Really what (what) the credibility of what the best is good

second-hand OK?

dswinhaier2010-02-15 19:24:10 +0000 #2
else did not know, power gene certainly is true.
qingeng09082010-02-15 19:21:45 +0000 #3
51 very good reputation! Or U a net! Go and see
a quiet burial2010-02-15 20:24:15 +0000 #4
I can tell you that as far as possible to the physical store to buy around 300-400 junior racket!
Enjoy_qiqi2010-02-15 19:53:09 +0000 #5
1. General Beginners should try to select one full carbon racket, weight not too heavy, making the most surface Good little


2. according to each physical situation, we decided to use head light or head heavy racquet. general wrist force

, a strong upper body strength, could use a lighter racquet racket head; the other hand for racket head heavy racket.

3. such as economic conditions permit, to make use of new products racket. because with the level of technology constant

improved racquet design is becoming more rational, its shock absorption and return the ball on getting more sound effects Therefore, the new racket is very

easy to use.

4. for a certain level of technology enthusiasts, and its technology has basically stereotyped movements may be in accordance with its

strength quality, swing speed, range of motion needed to decide on the racket. General the power quality of the strong, fast swing speed

degrees, action, players should use a large range of soft racket, getting a small racket head light racket; and action pieces

° is small, slow swing player, you need to there is a strong and comfortable, a good damping effect of a rigid


5. Generally speaking, the Flex determines the racket racket features. Hard racket resilient larger, hit

ball, vigorous an effective range of a larger sweet spot, suitable for general amateur; soft rackets are flexible

racket, bat, racket elastic deformation of the larger ball longer, so the ball impact point control is better, but

need to have a strong physical to complete the action, suitable for middle and senior level players to use.

6. For some power shots of the fans unsolicited use of the racket is not too light, appropriate weight,

can reduce the hit the ball on the wrist, arm vibration burden.



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