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There are several four Grand Slam tennis is held in Europe?

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Wimbledon Wimbledon

also known as "All England Lawn Tennis Championships "The event last week in June each year to be held early in July on a regular basis, has become the traditional, eligibility is based on the previous year in all major competitions to win cumulative score as determined. Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the All England Lawn Tennis Club and the British Association held, but in fact in control of the All England Club competitions, including each contest millions of dollars in ticket sales. Today's Wimbledon match, up to 30 million people in the audience more, those who watch TV live broadcast in more than 500 million.

French Open French Open in May each year, usually to be held in June. After following the Australian Open, the second was carried out grand slam. French Open requires each game with five three wins out of the system, therefore, a game marked with four hours are the norm. In such a court and spend so much time to play a game, players must have superior technology and amazing perseverance Caixing. French Open Wimbledon Championships with the same reputation in the world of tennis on the traditional game.

Australian Open

Australian Tennis Open is the tennis center management from Australia, the annual Australian Tennis Open is the Open, the earliest beginning of the four major events, events scheduled for 1-2 months.

U.S. Open, U.S. Open, although smaller than the impact of Wimbledon, but higher than Australia, and even French Open. Once a year, usually between August to September. Start called "National Championship", and that only by participating in an amateur tournament. Through unremitting efforts to the organizing committee, the U.S. network was developed from the amateur tournament up to now the world's richest grand slam. Now the summer each year in the United States National Tennis Center of the U.S. Open can attract more than 500,000 fans to watch.

4 in the Wimbledon Grand Slam tennis tournament, the French Tennis Open is held in Europe
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French Open



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