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Five continents, the style of tennis?

wingde11062010-02-15 21:10:06 +0000 #1
To be used for teaching, thank you
awholenw2010-02-15 21:22:11 +0000 #2
North America, as represented by the United States, more emphasis on driving style, strength, the net technology, to play more simply, such as the previous Sampras, now Roddick, mine-laying g; but it does have a relatively complete player like Agassi.

South American representatives in Argentina, attach importance to the bottom line, good red clay, such as David Nalbandian, former intelligence Rios;

Europe in general is divided into two factions, one of which on behalf of the European continent, such as Spain, Germany, the player great importance to the region the bottom line, good laterite; are those who are represented by the United Kingdom advocates serve the Internet, fast players pasture operations, such as Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski. There are still some talented players tend to play round like Roger Federer, Andy Murray. In addition, the strength of the Swedish tennis in fact really strong, can not be overlooked.

Besides Australia, the Australian players appeared a decade ago, like Rafter, Mark Philippoussis serve this Internet-based player, and later Australia hare Hewitt emerge again, so play is very diversified, is not a good one sentence

concluded that in Asia, we are still learning phase, not to mention style

Generally speaking, the world play tennis in the direction towards a more comprehensive, more and more obvious distinction between style and I hope my answer you can satisfaction!
lollypop02052010-02-15 21:58:54 +0000 #3
Hello, tennis seems to not be used to distinguish between continents, Science

now the more common style is the difference between athletes stadium

tennis competition is divided into grasslands, clay and hard land, of which hard and can be more finely divided

in accordance with golf course is divided into slow and fast speed pitches which are slow red clay, grass, hard rapid increases in the Earth

In Europe, the clay is more popular, to the French Open as the representative, there will be a lot of games before the French Open for warm-up, most of them in Europe, South America, there are many

United Kingdom and Australia to the grass as the mainstream, represented by Wimbledon, French Open and Wimbledon in the two weeks between the short-lived, for the Wimbledon warm-up, there are some grass race

the United States dominated most of the games are carried out on hard ground to U.S. and Australian Open as the representative (which is also the two games before the clay and grass)

one soil to support a party person, so in the athletes training in different parts of life This will be a distinctive characteristic, Spain, Argentina, France and Russia and other places of the athletes, the bottom line technology is good, energetic, are practicing in the clay out of the ground

The British players good Internet access, the net-art, Shitailichen tee for ball faster pastures

Of course, most players are not very prominent feature of the various sites can be competent, type

As part of a comprehensive summary of friends upstairs, each continent has different talents, and now that there are limits the trend of increasingly blurred

So I think in order to distinguish between continents, tennis style, open to question, or to look at the characteristics of athletes and the growing environment



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