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Yonex tennis racket for playing single-handed backhand do?

skywalker03142010-02-15 22:10:11 +0000 #1

tennisboybee2010-02-15 22:15:30 +0000 #2
uh. . . This problem. . . . Simply racket and anti-slip relationship is not big, important thing is that its own technology, so long as either is not a YONEX racket, as long as their favorite brand Jiuhao La, as anti-slip technology, Well, I have to close 10 years of age is not recommended to use the ball, especially beginners, Oh, but if there are any questions at any time on the tennis HI I
Science of God2010-02-15 22:26:17 +0000 #3
can be ah, Yonex brand right Hui has high-speed requirements, as long as the stare the ball enough accurate, Hui-speed fast enough on the line!



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