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Seek Tennis Daren pointing brother want to buy a tennis racket

glay23wgw2010-02-15 22:10:39 +0000 #1
There are currently 4 is my first choice 1.HEAD TI CLASSIC Head tennis rackets. 2.Prince AirO zone. 3.Prince AirO freak. 3.VOLKL DNX 8. I am a 181,70 boys, like the hair force, double reverse, tennis level has a little bit, and want to buy one advanced bat, seeking people pointing up to the next
dswinhaier2010-02-15 22:24:07 +0000 #2
This four film I recommend VOLKL DNX 8

1.HEAD TI CLASSIC Price: 600 yuan

This advanced head tennis racket with a new style painting, and more to show off. with HEAD's flagship tennis racket L6 closer! 102 racket, 305 grams of weight for threading only batting performance racket is more stable, more solid feel. midpoint of the manipulation of balance so that the racket is more excellent performance! the same time, a good value for money so that the Head Ti Classic tennis racket is suited for junior-level athletes and advanced tennis player to use.

2.Prince AirO zone Price: 740 yuan to only Prince tennis rackets in the 3,9 point location using O3 racquet technology can increase the sweet spot, combined with 100 film surface, there is more hitting power of .16 * 19 open-line back to bed so that you spin the ball more strongly. This Prince AirO Zone tennis racket for a good price in early middle player.

3.Prince AirO freak with the Prince AirO zone almost.

4.VOLKL DNX 8 Price: 800 yuan

only Volkl tennis rackets have more power, better control of the rotation, good handling, excellent comfort. Set a good flexibility, feel, comfort in one, suitable for different levels, types of players to use. Baseline stroke is a strong topspin, the net volley to respond flexibly to the use of performance suitable for doubles players. A good racket head speed with 16/18 line of bed, let the ball spin more intense. Good comfort and flexibility of the net, making the net right ball handling easier. Large sweet spot for power and rotation to provide a strong guarantee. The Volkl DNX 8 Tennis Racket for players to use more than 3.5.
Cai Health2010-02-15 22:52:00 +0000 #3
Do not buy the advanced film is purely a waste of

to buy good VOLKL DNX 8 is the block a good shot

If you think that expensive new professional film, you can buy second-hand

you go forum to see if
L wife is three rounds2010-02-15 22:48:24 +0000 #4
for a little bit based on the level of friends, which several of the racket may be slightly tender points, even if the DNX 8, was also weaker against the physical friends, advanced use.

If it is for the price of budgetary control is very strict, I suggest that the credibility of the acquisition of high-grade second-hand shot. I have a forum where there are several teams that you look at this link, you can contact the next.



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