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Recommend a film surface 95, the weight of 300 or so professional tennis racket re-recommended a 98,

wzyyzl2010-02-15 22:10:58 +0000 #1

aspirinia2010-02-15 22:17:17 +0000 #2
95 racket, 300g, not much around.

Fischer have an older Pro Extreme, 95 film surface, light version of an empty film 295g, feel very comfortable, if the words still have to sell a very good choice models.

Now the most common is the light version of the K95, 95 film surface, and air film 289g.

Another Tecnifibre the TFight 295, Yonex's RQiS 1 light version also in line with the parameters of your request.

Since 95 racket considered MID, a small film surface, the general tempo heavier than air shooting in more than 310g, such as the Dunlop's AG 200, AG 200 Tour, Babolat's PS Ltd, Wilson K95 and so on, if the forces of good enough, the election of these In fact, a better beat.

98 film surface, 300g beat on too much about, be advanced to the semi-pro from the basic parameters of the. Such as Head of the inter-generational L4 MP, Dunlop each generation of 300 series, Babolat generations of Pure Storm, Fischer's version of the generation of light-Pro No.1, Volkl each generation of 9 Series, YY, and so the RDS002 light version. I have tried to beat the majority of the above (for example, LM MG L4, MFil AG 300, PS, DNX9 and so on, a slightly different feel to see if you prefer crisp, blunt wooden bat or feeling).

Pat the child easily made power, but to withstand the heavy cutting, as well as when the ball somewhat less certain. If the power to allow or choose to 310g or more is better. Of course, you can beat themselves these 300g's heavier.
qq2329775572010-02-15 22:42:25 +0000 #3
I want to know about your specific requirements, as well as the economic situation, expected to be much money to buy racket, let me first say a few words I use Dunlop ag300, he was the last two years of stock, it will be cheaper this year, out of a ag 4d 300, is new but the difference was not significant, ag300 98 film surface, 305 grams of threading the weight of four nod please.

There I would like to recommend you for another shoot, is Barbara's ps, forget the specific model values were forgotten, but is to good hand ah, I very want to beat that paragraph, that is, become more expensive points, You can look at their own

so much for it, wanted to sub to me, thank you



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