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The new scholars, buy a two hands at reasonable prices, quality Haicou He's tennis racket .... Thank

nicole Qianqian2010-02-15 22:11:28 +0000 #1
I recently tried to campaign, and want to learn tennis, because the whole body movement feels good and I was about 22-year-old woman 157 children, economic conditions in general, so would like to buy a tennis racket hand 2 do, hoping the price will not be too high because the high can not afford, of course, but fortunately, the quality of Kazakhstan, Hehe Thank you啦
aspirinia2010-02-15 22:25:54 +0000 #2
power do? How much passion for tennis then? Wants to play tennis, started up not so easy, we should be able to endure loneliness ^ _ ^, as a start to train movements are mainly not many opportunities for contact with the ball is the big deal with a few contacts were lost, together with tired, a lot of girls who want to learn to play tennis several times not to give up. You must be psychologically prepared.

Back to beat on. The prices of second-hand beat a great extent, depending on the beat and the fineness of the original price. Select the racket would also like to look good-looking girls, it is generally not vote for the fineness of the old beat too bad Diaoqi. On the beat in terms of availability, Babolat's PD and the Prince's O3 white or the Shark girls have more common, the original price 900-1000 between the second-hand prices in the 500-700 range, which can be considered more professional in terms of girls beat a . And many entry-tempo, such as carbon-titanium material, a top-heavy design, 260g look at the original price in between 500-800, second-hand about 200-400 or so, there may be suitable for you. Is best not to look at the money to buy those 200 aluminum alloy film or so-called carbon film, the vibrations, not the ball.

157 girls also face a problem that the racket handle. If the hand so small, it may be more appropriate handle No. 1, but now the overwhelming majority of the market handle 2 may be a bit too big, shake up and will be tired.

Recommend you go to look at the motivation genes forum, where there was often a second-hand shot, and may be linked to the Tong Cheng to play friends.



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