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The origin of tennis?

fengmin5992010-02-15 23:10:44 +0000 #1
, Etc. The answer ah ....
nickyboyer2010-02-15 23:17:21 +0000 #2
Tennis is a two or four players hit the ball with the racket from a movement, is one of the world's most important ball games. The origin and development of tennis can be summarized in four lines: Tennis bred in France, was born in the UK, began to spread and reach a peak in the United States, are prevalent throughout the world.

Tennis originated in France. Back in 12-13 century, the French missionaries, often in the corridors of the church, use the palm of a very small ball like objects, one to spice up the rigid life of the Church. Gradually, this activity introduced the French court and soon became a kind of aristocratic entertainment games. At that time, they put this game called "palm ball game." Started, they are in the city for this game, then move outdoors, in an open ground, the aircraft will be a rope in the middle, one on each side stand, the two sides back and forth by hand hitting a ball wrapped in cloth of hair .

14 by mid-century, the French crown prince will be presented the game ball used by King Henry V, so this game will be passed in the United Kingdom. The use of the ball's surface produced by the town of Tanis, Egypt's most famous cloth - flannel twill produced by the British would be such a ball is called "Tennis", and handed down, until now, we use the ball still retained with a layer of soft suede. The 15th century, this game hit the ball with the palm of your hand into play with the finalized, and soon there is a film made with the sheepskin surface oval racket. At the same time, the venue is also the order to the central rope nets. 16-17 century was a prosperous period of such activities, and gradually formed a kind of game. Prior to this, because this activity only in the court of France and the UK epidemic, so tennis has become a "court tennis" and "royal tennis."

1873, the United Kingdom Winfield (Walter Clopton Wingfield) Major change King early tennis play, and will move to the lawn space, the same year published "lawn tennis", which proposed a set of close to the modern tennis play. 1874 also provides for the net size and height, in the United Kingdom founded the simple lawn tennis. In 1875, the British Cricket Club, tennis rules revised in July 1877 held its first session of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. Later, the organization again set at 23.77 meters tennis x8.23 m rectangle, the net height of the central 99 cm (Prior to this, the net height of 2.1234 meters), and identified with each bureau 15,30, 40, split the scoring method. In 1884, the United Kingdom Lundun Ma Li Le edition ball club again the net height of the central authorities as 91.4 centimeters. At this point, the modern tennis was officially formed, and soon began to flourish in Europe and the United States has become a popular ball games.

With the development of tennis in the equipment and venues, etc. are also constantly evolving. Tennis racket head by a stupid stupid brain, wood bats, developed to produce fine round shot. In addition, in weight, materials, quality, shape, and so on has made great changes. The ball from a small cloth ball, developed to the rubber ball, rubber ball.

In 1896, held in Athens in the first session of the Olympic Games, tennis men's singles on the doubles was listed as an official official event. Later, as the international Olympic Games and the International Tennis Federation in the "amateur" is defined as the difference, already have carried seven consecutive Olympics tennis match was canceled until the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, tennis was listed as performances, 1988 The Seoul Olympic Games, tennis again was listed as an official event.



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