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Tennis racket shopping guide, Hyde (head) gold-L4

kklyq662010-02-15 23:10:53 +0000 #1
play more than a year, the level of withhold Well, ha ha ... ... good point recently to a change in tempo, in line with the principles of the letter were lower than the fancy gold-L4, cheap Well , Oh, can this brand looks like is N years ago, and had not used to the performance, I do not know how to (not than I am now using the difference between Polly, right?), so ask a friend used, if and behind the several much worse than that buy a new version on the wound. Another L4 is divided into mp and os, and I personally tend to os, because I play double reverse, others also used the professional side of film 100, I am an amateur film surface with the 98 bit can not be justified, I also know that the great film surface is to control the difference can be big differences are really big Mody do, I now shoot with 95 imitation L4 face Pauley of a micro-eye tempo, beat-dual difficult to tell the truth. But I also worried that high levels of the 107 film surface would be too large (I have no money has been crushed a beat), conflicts ... ... and I would therefore ask for a high level of play os do, do, and what I said Agassi, want to know the feelings of a friend used. You help out, that was all my points, thank啦!

Cai Health2010-02-15 23:17:39 +0000 #2 you go to the forum let's see it

where a lot of people played gilt L4

You can also go there to buy a second-hand racket will be cheaper than the new L4 OS

should now be in the 730-799 second-hand between the

450-700 more in between
stpliu2222010-02-15 23:19:50 +0000 #3
gold-L4, good, feel solid, hitting a stable, suitable for film promotion. mp Although only 98, but because of line-bed dense, sweet spot better than average 100 small, strong fault tolerance.



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