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17-year-old boys to play tennis the body's requirements?

luli199302162010-02-15 23:11:20 +0000 #1
Want to play tennis in detail the requirements of the exercise needs to be done, etc.
Kevinmiller2010-02-15 23:24:50 +0000 #2
fight to fight physical block header, and the gap between Europe and the United States than we have, but Henin-Hardenne so thin-type players become the world's first, let us see that we get a lot. 1. Explosive. Fast-paced instant hit added by the power of 2. Endurance. Haining usually altitude training, so physically dominant, which is why she can be on clay for three consecutive major reasons. 3. Psychological qualities. During the competition, overcome difficulties, less than the last one will never give up the belief points, as well as the face of setbacks to overcome the setbacks resulting from the strong self-confidence, Li Na, Peng Shuai overlooked in this regard, the next generation will not eat the same learned my lesson. Technical aspects of the basic hand-grip-type A. racket and hand should be integrated, from the sense, the racket is actually an extension of the arm the players, the players part of the body. To experience such a feeling of the need for a gradual adaptation to a gradual run-in process, but this will have to learn before the correct swing method. When the palm grip with Grip the edge of the bottom of the flush, do not grip in the Grip of the central portion; Grip palm and fingers should be the maximum area to fit together, reflect together clap, clap seamless feeling, not only the finger "pinch" to live Grip; thumb ring on the middle finger over Grip Pressing on, do not leave room to avoid the racket when hitting dispose of; forefinger and middle finger slightly separated and the natural and Grip to move closer together, and if, as grip fist as rigidly grasp the racket in his hand, then grip the flexibility and randomness is necessary to diminish is not conducive to the control of the racket hand is also easy to feel tired. A bit like shooting the entire hand when the pinch-type machine looks like, please remember that the index finger and middle finger must be separated. In addition to these essentials, the tennis racket's grip there is the distinction between the way, should be aware of. Traditionally, the Eastern way (including Oriental and Oriental forehand backhand), Continental, Western-style, semi-Oriental, half-Western methods, is based on the tiger's mouth who clapped his hands as opposed to Grip the edge surface of the location, specific ways Figure 103-107. Diagram shows who are the right hand grip, left hand grip in the position to its opposite on it. In practice, hitting the course, each grip has its specific scope of application, because they have their own strengths and limitations. Here we only make some brief for reference in subsequent practice, beginners will have their own experiences of this experience. B. Oriental forehand topspin shots for now. In this way the grip is like shaking hands with the others, as more natural tact and easy to control the racket, not easy to cause pain, but when you need to hit backhand grip for backhand into the Oriental. C. Oriental backhand backhand for the upper and lower spin shots and serves. Backspin the ball will make a natural shooting side open, serve to make the ball when there is a strong rotation, limitation is that when you hit forehand grip and the need for weak attack power when serving. D. Continental applies to both hands backhand topspin stroke, single men hit the ball spin, the net volley volley, high pressure ball, ball. This grip is being intercepted by the net, do not have to change backhand grip, high pressure ball and the ball when serving to strengthen the attack power of help, limitation is that if the hands are being used to hit the ball spin is very easy for the wrist, elbow, shoulder subject to strain injury. E. Western-style applies to both positive and negative topspin shots. Using this method is being backhand grip, then do not change between the grip, but the film surface to control the need for a habit and adaptation process. F. semi-Oriental, half-Western ways this is a cross between Oriental and Western-style forehand between the "mixed style" grip. It does not particularly stringent qualification criteria, the same also applies to hit forehand topspin, and may be more than just the East or in Western-style is more flexible, more casual. Many players backhand grip when your hands. Hand grip strength generally applicable to relatively weak arm to the ball enough against persons (such as women, children), and custom or dynamic stereotype on those who do not receive a single hand shot (if the person playing tennis since childhood, when learning is hands grip, grow up although the strength of the quality has increased, but still not willing to change the habit of hand grip, or even being there always maintained a hands grip; also like how some people can not adapt to a single hand shot hair force, rather able to cope easily with both hands grip). Backhand with both hands grip the specific methods are: to hold clapping east of the way backhand or Continental grip, non-holding clap (Auxiliary hands) east of the way forehand grip, hands should be in the ball to move closer together into a point of acting on the inch Grip, can not be separated, or when it will hit the ball fat force and the control of the racket difficult. In contrast, the use of a single hand backhand shot, then the overall strength of their physical quality requirements can be relatively high, but once a good grasp of the one-handed backhand stroke techniques, then its point range, movement characteristics of elasticity it is easy to show up, players will be benefited greatly. Here the need to draw attention to is this: take your hands or a single hand backhand shot to the conditions and in accordance with their own strength and grip on the two kinds of forms to adapt to the degree, than it is certainly starting a men's one-handed backhand shot, while the women do not have can not slap the ball with both hands, anyone who think that a single, hands grip a certain extent is a symbol of some kind of temperament, it would be wrong. Describes the actual situation than to compare with the 'universal, some of the players some of the more specific practices and habits are not discussed here, while beginners can learn the best side of experience, and ultimately identify the most suited to their comfortable, the most the safety of swing approach. School tennis is a process of practice, theoretical knowledge and more on the site if you do not, if their own experience, or on paper. You can see me reference, the above detailed description, but it must be the scene on the ground floor exercises can there be real results, a coach teach you it is better, but in the!
ayachyan2010-02-15 23:25:12 +0000 #3
explosive hands and feet, the shuttle run, etc.

endurance to run around to play tennis, and tired of people

there playing some kind of movement should be some reaction rate

probably on those of the
michealfoun2010-02-16 00:21:16 +0000 #4
185 Height



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