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Would like to play tennis, advice about how much money to buy tennis rackets?

cycllmy2010-02-15 23:11:45 +0000 #1
Go to the store asking the boss, the boss suggested that we buy a 100 or so, and say it is too inconvenient to change lines after the low-cost. But I listen to classmates that he had a friend buy a 39 in the film, two and a half the money began to play, and so the price of the bats and balls trust do? If not, what brand, what price the tempo and the ball is better? I want to learn, not very high quality requirements, but also the best low prices. Please guide us are familiar with tennis friends.
dswinhaier2010-02-15 23:18:14 +0000 #2
good price too low to play, preferably between 200-300, so you do not need to change took a long time. 39 money making? Never seen like this. Will hurt the poor quality of their own!

I recommend that you two:

1. Kawasaki Craze 480 tennis racket

Brand: Kawasaki Kawasaki

Price: ¥ 245.00 yuan

Handle thickness: 2 handles (4 1 / 4)

film surface (square inch) 110

Tennis Racket Length (inches) adult film standards Length: 27 inches

Weight (g) 275

balance (mm) 330

hardness (Rockwell hardness) 290


Fai re-shoot thick (mm) 22

Material carbon fiber


threading pounds linear threading the lowest value ( lbs lbs) 58

maximum threading pounds (lbs lbs) 63

suitable for beginners amateur players, shoot wide areas, and sweet District, easy to use.

Note: Kawasaki auction without cable, please choose another cable.

2. Prime Carbon 600 full carbon online auction website in blue (beginner recommended)

Price: ¥ 260.00 RMB

Handle thickness: 2 handles (4 1 / 4)

film surface (square inches) 95

Tennis Racket Length (inches) adult film standard length: 27 inches

Weight (g) 285

balance (mm) 350

hardness (Rockwell hardness) 305


Fai re-shoot thick (mm) 21

Material-wide carbon


threading threading linear minimum pounds (lbs lbs) 50

maximum threading pounds (lbs lbs) 62


a cost-effective high-level junior tennis racket, ideal for entry-to advanced use. Moderate weight (285 grams), the first re-design, much of the film surface (95), as well as the straight frame type, so that this racket with easy to use, flexible and comfortable, control wishful advantages, but also ensures that all carbon materials feeling of comfort. Are worth recommending!
Invincible Wang Wang Tsai2010-02-15 23:27:51 +0000 #3
wow! Racket do so inexpensive? I suggest you still buy a few hundred, and too cheap to make sure that do not live, after all, Well-money. In fact, hundreds of blocks are not expensive, can be used for a long time. Brand Well, actually not a professional if anything can be. I wish you a good time!
Daily Love 3 children2010-02-16 00:02:35 +0000 #4
as I started to learn tennis is used when the block more than 100 tennis racket, a good family

best alternative is making fairly large, relatively light, and then there are shock absorbers

homemade bonny good too

As for the ball Well, I had to buy the kind of barrel is 45 ... ...

no special emphasis on brand



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