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Film bottom of the pot to play tennis

QFMIRACLE2010-02-16 00:11:01 +0000 #1
talking about living on a lake, a pair of neighbors, a mother and daughter, a father and son. Two children to the city to find his father and mother, on the road a lot of interesting things, very funny, is a comedy.
312,155,7372010-02-16 00:26:12 +0000 #2
is cucumber and starring Pauline Lan "naughty family"

naughty Family

Director: Chu

Cast: Yukari Oshima, Pauline Lan cucumber

Producer Country / region: 1986

Release Date: 1986

aka: Funny Family


Hu dog story eggs and blue-Mei is the country's neighbors. Dog eggs father and mother-Mei Kung Fu same family, but the two mutually exclusive, all day long quarrel constantly. Dog eggs and Mei's parents who coincidentally was forced to town to find long-lost their parents, into the city after the two men's wallet was stolen, we are faced with Feiche Dang, confusion, two people were put on the police station, the original Dog eggs and Mei's mother has married the father of blue-old, both sons and daughters of the same to a police station on bail. Blue old opened a sporting goods store, business is booming, but three years ago by one from Japan, "some" company challenges, business has been affected. Dog eggs with her in China decided to help the parents to accept the chairman some challenges, the results of the two after a hard beat of "some company" has another trick out of ... ...



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