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zeta10162010-02-16 00:11:07 +0000 #1
back in place, shot point forward, the full switch to shoulder
the world's only ID2010-02-16 00:23:31 +0000 #2
tennis tennis

lawn tennis lawn tennis lawn

grass court tennis courts

racket racket

racket press Racket clip

gut, string (racket)

line ball chord line of the ball touch the bottom line

baseline ball ball ball

sideline ball sideline

straight ball straight ball

down-the-line shot straight ball sideline

crosscourt diagonal shot

high ball , lob a low

low ball golf ball

long shot long shot

short shot the ball a short

cut chop

smash smash smash

jump smash leaps

spin spin pumping low

low drive the ball

volley volley ball

low low cut-off volley ball

deep ball deep ball

heavy ball weight ball

net off the tennis

flat stroke-ping-ping ball

flat drive pumping the ball

let re-serve

fluke, set-up, easy opportunity to hit the ball touch the Earth

ground stroke

wide shot the ball sideline

overhead smash, overhand smash lob smash

game Board

set a flat plate

fifteen all-ping

thirty all 2

forty all three levels

deuce deuce, and plates at the end a draw was zero

love game party A bureau

double fault double fault, two missed service

not up 2 jump, hit back before the ball touched the ground twice

service line service line

fore court before the markets back court players after the field


receiver pick the players



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