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Sports lumbar sprain how like a hot shower?

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I campaign will lumbar sprain, and tonight felt better, went to bubble bath, and later heard that tomorrow will be even more painful after Pao Wan. 555555.

Bath was not able to promote blood circulation do? Just washed feel kinda uncomfortable.

Sports lumbar sprain or a hot shower in the end it is good or bad?
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leg formed by the tibia and fibula, in the former while those for crude tibia, the fibula following a fine person as the feet of the arch at the top there is a bone called the talus. Ankle joint is from the tibia and fibula above the lower clip to ride on the formation of talus, commonly known as "ankle." Tibia inward prominent part of the bottom is called medial malleolus, fibula sticking out the bottom part is called the lateral malleolus. Relatively loose around the ankle joint capsule, tight on both sides. Ligaments around the ankle has strengthened, and there are triangular ligament medial and lateral ligaments of three separate. As the lateral ligament medial ligament than the weak, coupled with a shorter ankle, so prone to varus foot (soles of the feet toward the inside) and lateral collateral ligament injury. Ankle joint dorsiflexion, the talus have no room, but in plantar flexion (bring heels), the talus may apply to both sides of the minor activities, so often in the ankle plantar flexion inversion occurred at position sprain.

Youth ankle sprain incidence rate was higher because more students to participate in sports activities. If not prepared before the event, activities prone to sprain; girls wearing high heels walking on uneven road or in the next step when the ideology is not concentrated, high incidence of plantar flexion inversion, when a sudden excessive pull lateral collateral ligament pull, can cause ankle sprain. Light by ankle ligament sprain or partial tear Larsson; In severe cases, is completely broken, and a subluxation of the ankle joint, or concurrent fracture-dislocation. Ankle sprain, the patient outside the front or below the bottom of pain, swelling, acute phase may have ecchymosis. Then homework varus action would increase the pain, and to spare no eversion may be no pain.

Then, after the ankle sprain should be how to do? Part of ligament tear, injury, varus angle increased, accompanied by pain. Acute ankle within 24 hours can be immersed in cold water, or cold towel Fuyu affected area, every 10-20 minutes, 6 hours, can shrink blood vessels, swelling pain. 24 hours after Zexu heat or to promote local blood circulation of the Organization of the gap as soon as possible to absorb exudate, thereby reducing pain. If the ligament injuries are serious, severe pain that can be used 4 cm wide 3 tape Sticking ankle, since the medial lower leg lower 1 / 3, 3 tape overlapping parts of the width of the overlap of about half of each tape, and then tape around the shank affixed three groups played a regular role, but to prevent the paste too tight, impeding blood lines. External bandage, fixed 2-3 weeks. Complete ligament rupture were enough to significantly increased varus angle, half-dislocation, the foot is in extreme varus position, when the gap may be palpable under the lateral malleolus. Such injury required a doctor, after manual reduction, with tubular injury was sufficient to cast a fixed-bit and 90-degree valgus bits 4-6 weeks. Repeated sprains among those incurred due to improper handling of early dislocation. Dislocation patients can wear a shoe bag to help protect the ankle, and increasing the height of 1-1.5 cm lateral shoe, so that sufficient to maintain valgus position to prevent the foot varus. In addition, adolescent high school students are advised not to wear high heels, usually do not catch running slapstick, physical activity before you fully prepared to prevent ankle sprain.

Ankle sprain how to do?

Ankle sprain is a sprain of joints the highest incidence of a kind is a very common clinical illness. Ankle sprain, especially within the inverted damage is torn lateral collateral ligament strain or even fracture of the more common. When walking and sprinting off the foot or Caikong or fall from a height when the outer edge of the foot, the plantar suddenly adduction, which can cause ankle and sprained the lateral ligament was drawing, or even part of the tear, but also combined lateral malleolus tear off fractures.

When ankle sprain, "Lie Bo" like tearing a sense, local swelling, pain, obviously, can not load the affected foot to walk, there limp and feet can not touch the ground before the plantar. If only lateral collateral ligament sprain edema, symptoms may disappear in 1 to 3 days, if the pain persists after tearing a ligament, joint instability, X-ray can show whether the avulsion fracture, or dislocation of the talus tilt increases phenomenon.

Post-ankle sprain early treatment is important, and are advised bed rest, Shimoji holders of Po in order to prevent weight-bearing ankle joint can not be too early activity, rest should be more than two weeks. Immediately with cold injury, avoid heat or can not use the partial rub weight practices, can be used partially closed in order to relieve pain. In order to stabilize joints allows the patient was sitting in the chair, legs hang down, to trap the Disi Wu narrow bandage toe stretch upwards from the patients themselves, so that Beishen ankle valgus. Doctors use three 4cm wide tape, followed by overlap around the top half by ankle plantar surface up through the lateral malleolus, fibular head affixed to the bottom, and then bandage winding fixed, brake a few days. Fixed brake should be overkill for the degrees, about the strength in the opposite direction to the injured Limbs flipped, inverted bit injured in valgus position is fixed valgus varus-bit fixed-bit injured. When necessary, with the plaster or splint. Hot compress can be used after the acute phase, and exercise varus ankle flexion and extension movements, or massage, followed by shaking turn ankle, plantar flexion inversion, eversion and Anrou Beishen lesion. Completely torn ligament repair surgery can be done. A small number of patients more likely happen again after the sprain.

Why do ankle sprain will cause long-term foot pain?

After the ankle sprain, after reasonable treatment of the majority of cases are cured, there are some patients with left ankle pain and disappearance of lateral foot pain, long-term unhealed, and even up to several decades affecting walking and labor. Tarsal sinus is usually due to soft tissue injury caused by the same time. Tarsal sinus by the talus and the calcaneus sulcus groove formed before the sinus ostium is located below the lateral malleolus, with the distance between the sinus and bone ligaments, fat pad and synovium and bursa with the distance. Ankle sprain may cause tarsal sinus ligaments, fat pad and synovium injury, resulting in aseptic inflammation, wound healing can occur after the scar contracture and ligaments of the tension, resulting in dorsal foot lateral tarsal sinus pain and tenderness in the mouth, sometimes to the toes can also be radioactive. Soft-tissue lesions caused by autonomic dysfunction. There leg and foot paresthesia, chills, Shen tight weakness, involuntary trembling.

With the partial closure of sinus pain disappeared immediately. It should be noted in the ankle sprains note rest, local physiotherapy treatment, closure of the treatment can be used. Good therapeutic effect. If conservative treatment fails, pain diehards can be used tarsal sinus surgery and soft tissue, using gelatin sponge squeezed tarsal sinus bleeding and the elimination of dead space.

Prevention and treatment of ankle sprain

1. Caused by ankle sprain causes and principles. According to anatomical characteristics of the ankle by the tibia and fibula and the talus under the articular surface of the upper part of the articular surface (talus trochlear) form. Extensor strength than flexor foot larger varus valgus muscle strength than large; combined lateral malleolus than ankle length, ankle ligament over the lateral triangle of the three ligaments strong. Therefore, the activities of varus than valgus big margin. In addition, the talus, after wide and narrow body before, when the foot Beishen, the talus cave full access to the ankle, ankle joint stability, and easy to sprain, and when the plantar flexion, the talus into the ankle behind the narrow part of the wide part of the hole in front of the ankle joint is relatively unstable and prone to sprain. Ball games are technically complex, in practice the conversion of technical exercise more frequently, the direction of the rapidly changing requirements, such as E-STOP Taiwan stay, especially in the rebounding basketball, volleyball spike jump movement, the students off the ground in the flight phase, the toes in a plantar flexion inversion bit, if the floor when the body center of gravity, to one side or standing on foot and on the ball to others, or on uneven ground, and students lack of self-protection response capacity, would be sufficient to touch the ground before the outside, so that foot inversion, resulting in damage.

2. Symptoms. After injury, medial or lateral ankle obvious tenderness; within the lateral malleolus obvious swelling, localized with subcutaneous ecchymosis, ankle limited mobility, difficulty walking.

3. Ankle sprain in the scene. Given immediately after injury, cold, pressure bandage, Taigaohuanzhi, fixed rest, and topical new vulnerary.

4. Massage therapy. 3 days, it can conduct light massage techniques: (1) Massage Xie Creek Point (instep ankle stripes and a central, long thumb extensor digitorum longus tendon and the tendon between) 1min; (2) Massage Kunlun points (lateral malleolus and the Achilles tendon mid-point connection) 1min; (3) Massage bell hanging hole (lateral malleolus under the 3-inch tip upward, fibula trailing edge) 1min; (4) Massage Yanglingquan Point (a small head of fibula below the sag) 1min. Massage are more than a sense of the degree of patients Suanzhang.

5. Injury practice. To reduce swelling and pain after the sticky paste that should be fixed under the support of the ground with a walking or walking with crutches, 1 to 2 weeks to allow muscle strength and coordination exercises, jogging or in the sand to walk on the bumpy slope, or jumping exercises, and gradually enter the formal exercises.

6. To strengthen preventive measures. An important reason for the risk of injury is the lack of self-protection awareness, neglect preventive measures. Therefore, in order to do all that preparatory activities, improve facilities, develop and improve the ability to protect themselves and improve ankle muscle strength, and ankle stability and coordination, exercise should wear protection support belt.

Ankle sprain Why do they always appear in the outer

people in everyday life, up and down stairs, walking shopping, walk in the park, a little Ta Kong is not aware of the steps when the collision stump of masonry, etc., are easily sprained ankle. Whenever there is sprained, most appear in the lower part of the lateral ankle, while the inside is less, which are the reasons?

This is because the lateral malleolus to be longer than the ankle, so living in lateral ankle support, while the ankle part of a group of a strong ligament, called the "tibial collateral ligament" (also known as "triangular ligament"), fan-shaped extending from the ankle to the foot bones, held tightly inside of the ankle joint. The role of the two simultaneously, when the ankle joint to prevent twisting the ankle when you turn out, but often make excessive ankle turned inward, at which point in that relatively weak fibular collateral ligament tear damage occurs. This is particularly prevalent in the lateral ankle sprain (that is, fibular side) causes.

There is another reason for this is the inside leg muscle groups such as the foot control anterior tibial muscle, posterior tibial muscle than those in strong or powerful, can stabilize the medial ankle to live, not to valgus displacement; On the contrary, outside leg dominant side foot long peroneal muscle, peroneus brevis is relatively weak, a case of sprain, it can not closely control the lateral stability of the ankle does not move, but was forced to stretch and to make excessive ankle inversion sprains ankle lateral.

Lateral ankle sprain, due to fibular collateral ligament tear bleeding, so that the bottom lateral malleolus and the foot back there with hematoma, subcutaneous ecchymosis, local obvious tenderness, check if the passive foot turned inward, due to involve the wound and a sense of pain, such as the rollover to the outer sprain, then the pain is not obvious.

Ankle sprain diagnosis in general is not difficult, but you must rule out often in combination condylar fracture of the fibula. If suspected fracture of the need to shoot X-rays to determine.

Therapy for symptomatic based. Fresh sprain ice immediately, or to the local jet coolant to curb swelling bleeding and bandaging a fixed neat and smooth. Fresh sprained bogey massage, passive movement, immediately walking activity, and do so would increase the local damage and bleeding. 1

2 days can be partially heat or infrared light irradiation, the use of short-wave diathermy. 2

3 days to practice walk, local gentle massage or supplemented by passive movement. 1

2 weeks or so healing can be increasingly serious ligament tear will require a longer time to recovery. If precautions are not taken may also be re-sprain.

Take seriously ankle sprain

25000 Americans every day, almost a sprained ankle, but very few people on this issue attention. When the foot would be improper to reverse the external ligament of the ankle caused by excessive stretching and bending.

California Plastic Surgery expert Glenn Pfeffer said, it depends on ankle joint movement and work. If the ankle sprain is not treated in time may result in joint instability complications, such as joint pain or recurrent sprain situation.

It is said that the treatment of ankle sprain the best way is rest, ice, compression, elevation ankle. if the situation serious, he would bandage wrapped joints, the patient still need to do appropriate exercises to prevent stiffness.
, of course, the best appears to prevent sprain situation. during volleyball and tennis need to do preparations, with bandages wrapped joints is also a good way.

wear a cushion sports shoes ankle injury prone, "Wen Wei Po," March 29, 2001

According to the British "The Times" reported on the 27th, Australia, a recent university study showed that air-cushion shoes to wear when the campaign more accessible to the ankle joint injuries.

Reported that about 10000 researchers conducted a survey of basketball players, wearing air-cushioned shoes and not wearing air-cushioned shoes for athletes than the chance of injury is four to one. Most of them sustained injuries to his ankle in the high jump landing of. The results were announced, he will be in sporting circles and the business caused no small vibration. Air athletic shoe maker Nike spokesman quickly issued a statement saying the company attaches great importance to the report.

【Disease, ankle sprain】

【Description】 ankle sprain is the ankle ligament injury or rupture of a disease card. To Orthopedics most common illnesses, can occur at any age, children in the large amount of school-age children's activities, the incidence more. Modern medicine, more than sprains ankle in walking, running, jumping, or down the stairs. Downhill, the ankle plantar flexion, suddenly turned outward or inward, lateral or medial collateral ligament of the tension by strong role in contributing to the stability of the ankle joint out of balance and coordination, and thus causing ankle sprain. The most common injury to lateral malleolus. Chinese medicine believes that the disease was caused by trauma and other factors, so that damage to the ankle of the meridians, qi and blood is running sluggish, meridian unreasonable, Er Zhi Qi stagnation blood stasis.

Common symptoms, ankle swelling and pain significantly and can not touch the ground, the wound marked tenderness, local subcutaneous ecchymosis. Such as the lateral malleolus ligament sprain, then when the pain and varus foot obvious; ankle ligament sprain, then when the pain obvious valgus foot. If it is torn ligament, you can have, the valgus deformity, hematoma.

Massage Method 1 Method 2 massage massage way of life Conditioning


1. Common practice

(1) patients in supine position, the parents in order to point the thumb rubbing Hill Market, too River, Kunlun, Shen pulse, Yang Ling-chuen, strength from light to heavy, Mei Xue operation for half a minute.

(2) Parents single-handedly fixed foot, the other hand thenar focus, in the ankle joint to gentle relaxation massage around the Mount, the time is 2

5 minutes.

(3) Parents hold the primary paw Department, one hand holding the heel, thumb pressed on the wound, his hands slightly downward traction force, at the same time mild varus and valgus. Time of 1

3 minutes.

(4) The parents of one hand try to jack up the heel in one hand and hold plantar Department, at the same time force, at the same time, pull stretch as far as possible Beishen ankle, and then do ring to switch sports. Time of 1

3 minutes.

(5) Parents to the thumb and the remaining four of relative strength in top-down, knead again in 1 to 3 minutes, and then the relative force of two hands. Wang rub lower limbs 1 minute.

Massage Method 2

1. Common practice

(1) supine children, parents to the Department of thenar graze injury to the degree of heat penetration.

(2) thumb pulp, in the injury Anrou local law with the gentle treatment time of 1

3 minutes.

(3) The seat children, parents and single-handedly hold the heel from the outside, using thumb pressure on the injured ligaments of the Department, other hand hold the plantar Department, with the shaking method 1 minute.

(4) Parents pairs of hand to foot, in the pulling force that will stretch plantar flexion, dorsiflexion and then at the same time, in order to push the thumb ligament injury forced inward and downward positions, in order to children can tolerate the degree, and so forth operating 5


(5) Parents pairs of hands is relatively harder, since the knee down, knead again until around the ankle joint. Fat flush the partial degree of heat. Time is 2

5 minutes.

Life Conditioning

(1) to severe ankle sprain should be transferred to the hospital for X film making checks to rule out fractures and dislocations, fractures should be found to deal with a doctor immediately.

(2) In the acute stage of ankle sprains, gentle way to ease off so as not to aggravate traumatic bleeding, while not hot compress.

(3) In the recovery phase, methods appropriate increase at the same time you can meet local hot pack, or Huoxue Tongluo washing outside of the traditional Chinese medicine, often receive more satisfactory results.

(4) Note that the partial damage to be cold warm.

(5) In the early sprains, are advised to heavy braking, the condition of patients with appropriate fixation, 1 to 2 weeks after the lifting of fixed and functional exercise.

In the external force, the joint suddenly to the side of the activities of more than its normal activity, it caused soft tissue around joints such as the joint capsule, ligament, tendon laceration occurred, etc., known as joint sprain. Light are only part of the ligament fibers torn ligaments in serious cases can completely rupture or ligaments and joint capsule attachment to bone avulsion, or even joint dislocation. The most common sprain day, of which the ankle, followed by knee and wrist joints.

A, anatomical outline of the causes and pathology

ankle injuries including ankle and subtalar joints, is the load-bearing lower extremity joints. The former by the tibia and fibula and the talus body above the bottom of the composition, the latter by the talus and the calcaneus following form. Bottom there are medial and lateral malleolus of tibia and fibula and lateral ligaments connected to the ankle remained fairly constant. Medial malleolus under the tough triangular ligament and peroneal distance before and after the ligament, this ligament is relatively weak, effect to limit the activities of varus foot. In the over-strong varus or valgus activities, such as walking on uneven roads, height loss, or run and jump when the next floor instability, can cause lateral or medial ligament injury, partial tear or complete rupture or avulsion fractures. If early treatment properly, excessive ligament relaxation, can cause ankle instability, it can lead repeated sprains, and even articular cartilage injury, traumatic arthritis occurs seriously affect the walking function.

Lateral ligament rupture lateral ligament medial ligament medial ligament avulsion fracture avulsion fracture of

2, clinical manifestations and diagnosis of

1. Lateral ligament injury of

from the foot caused by a strong inversion. Longer than the ankle due to lateral malleolus and lateral ligament is weak, so that a larger foot inversion activity in clinical practice is more common lateral ligament injury. Part of the lateral ligament tear, more see, its clinical manifestations are lateral ankle pain, swelling, walking limp; sometimes visible subcutaneous ecchymosis; lateral ligament site tenderness; to varus foot, it caused part of the lateral ligament pain intensified.

Lateral ligament complete rupture: rare, local symptoms more pronounced. The loss of control of the lateral ligaments may be abnormal varus activity. Sometimes a small piece malleolus avulsion bone with ligaments, called avulsion fracture. Digital photo films varus tibial Cuo-node in the tilt of far more than 5-10 ° of the normal range, the injured side of the joint space widened. X ray examination revealed avulsion of bone pieces.

2. Medial ligament injury

valgus force caused by the textile foot occurred less. Their clinical performance and the lateral ligament injury of similar, but the location and in the opposite direction. Showed medial ligament pain, swelling, tenderness, foot eversion, it caused the medial ligament pain, may also have avulsion fractures.

3, treatment

ankle medial ligament damage, light, tape fixed bandage on the overkill bit

such as the lateral ligament injury of light, normal ankle joint stability, early may be Taigaohuanzhi, cold compress to ease pain can be and to reduce bleeding and swelling. 2-3 days after the therapy is available, closed, and topical material Xiaozhongzhitong stasis, adequate rest, and to protect the ankle (such as wearing high boots, etc.). If injuries are serious, can be 2.5 cm wide of Article 5-7 of the tape from the medial lower leg lower 1 / 3 through, the lateral malleolus paste in the leg outside of central external tape bandage. To maintain the valgus foot position, so that ligament relaxation, in order to facilitate healing, fixed at about 3 weeks. As for the medial ligament injury, bandage fixed position opposite.

If the symptoms of a serious or complete ligament rupture or avulsion fractures who need to use short-legged boots fixed plaster the affected foot to keep it "overkill" position, about 4-6 weeks. Gypsum can be added at the bottom of rubber boots or other wear-resistant material in order to pad walk. If a larger block of ankle fractures, and reset the bad, it should be open reduction and internal fixation.

Ankle ligament injury, heavy, short-legged cast immobilization, foot plus rubber mat

old lateral ligament rupture or re-sprained the lateral ligament caused by joint instability caused by over-relaxation, could consider using the lateral peroneus brevis tendon reconstruction ligament.

Sprain should be promptly after the treatment, the principle is braking and swelling Heals bruises, so that tissue damage has been well restored. Blood clots in the higher number of joints should be out in time, under aseptic technique to avoid the aftermath of intra-articular adhesions. Ligament rupture or avulsion fracture affecting the joint stabilizer required to reset surgical repair in order to avoid repeated sprains, joint cartilage injury and traumatic arthritis.

How to treat the ankle sprain

1, for mild ankle sprain, in the immediate sprains should be OK cold. In order to reduce hematoma formation. At the same time can be for external blood circulation of drugs. This keeps the swelling subsided, pain relieve. Usually 10-14 days can be cured.

2, ankle injuries are serious, causing heavier ligament injury, should go to hospital. Then use the tape of a fixed width. A fixed time is generally 2-3 weeks.

3, severe ankle sprain caused by ankle ligament rupture or subluxation who use cast immobilization hurt their feet on the 90o-bit and valgus position. General fixed 4-6 weeks, to cast a positive post-exercise ankle joint activities.

The self-healing ankle injury

my friend a few days ago when it inadvertently went downstairs ankle sprain, may I ask an expert for the ankle injury in everyday life how to self-healing? Readers Yao-ming

ankle joint injuries are common clinical symptoms, usually caused by people walking on uneven roads, run, or downhill, down the stairs, the foot suddenly varus or valgus, rotation, gravity caused by an imbalance. Daily life, injured patients in practice of using hot water or hot towels, hot wash affected area, or using alcohol rub the affected part, while others considered to be minor defects, adhere to walk, work, so that will not only aggravate the symptoms, but also delayed treatment time.

Ankle injury, first and foremost self-judgment, is the soft-tissue sprain or a fracture? Sprain who feel pain after injury, limited mobility, can not walk or barely walk, followed ankle swelling; if ankle swelling after injury, pain and tenderness inside and outside ankle obvious audible and bone fricative, there function barriers, even abnormal, it is ankle fractures.

In the treatment of sprains, and they should avoid further weight-bearing or operations should be used in self-reinforcement techniques Shujin reasons, first slowly pull the ankle extension, after a moment do Beishen, varus and valgus movement, but avoid using Local practices Rouan; local swelling obviously, can soak a towel or ice cold water into a plastic bag for topical, 3 minutes to replace a times, for 30 minutes, so that vasoconstriction, reducing local congestion and reduce tissue temperature, played hemostasis , antipyretic, analgesic effect. Acute sprain, the sooner the better implementation of cold, sprains after 24 hours, and are advised to switch to heat therapy, using warm water or hot vinegar soaked towel placed in the injury department, 30 minutes, 1

2 times a day, can improve Blood and lymph circulation and promote wound congestion and exudation absorption.

For the fracture, shall be checked immediately to the hospital for orthopedics, filmmaking, in order to diagnose and correct treatment. Central Hospital orthopedist Chi-liang


the more common ankle sprain, in particular, the lateral collateral ligament injury. Usually done by an indirect result of external forces. If walking into the cavity so that a sudden ankle inversion, adduction can lateral collateral ligament injury, severe cases, could be combined ankle fractures. Not treated early or not complete, will be repeated sprains, which affect joint function.

[Symptoms of physical disease]

1. Varus or valgus foot sprain sudden history.

2. Localized pain, swelling, bleeding, tenderness, so that those who foot the contralateral turning, ipsilateral pain intensified.

[Diagnostic evidence]

1. There is a clear history of sprain.

2. Localized pain, swelling, tenderness, limited mobility.

3.X-ray, we can see there is the performance of the ankle joint subluxation, or associated with fractures.

[Treatment principles]

1. Incomplete fracture line partial braking, symptomatic treatment.

2. Completely broken, or combined with avulsion fractures of the ankle joint subluxation, early surgical treatment.

[Clinical evaluation]

1. Heal: pain, joint stability, and function completely or basically recovered.

2. Improved: their activities and mild swelling and pain, joint stability, and function was restored.

3. Unhealed: I have the swelling and pain, joint instability, functionality is limited.

[Expert Tips]

ankle sprain, could be combined with serious fractures and ankle subluxation. At the same time treatment of ligament injury is not timely or not thorough in the future will lead to repeated sprains. Therefore, ankle sprain, should go to the hospital looking for a timely diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic doctors and thorough treatment. So as to avoid missed or misdiagnosed, the therapeutic effects.

Heard of ankle sprains and fractures can be as severe, is it?

In some cases it may be yes. , "Sprain" generally refers to injury or a torn ligament tear, ankle injuries can be light weight, depends on which ligament injury suffered.

Is located in the anterolateral ankle ligaments (former ankle ligament) injury, generally only a mild sprain. Symptoms are less severe pain, tenderness, and bruising, ankle still flexion. Treatment of mild sprain is relatively simple: Use cold compress to relieve pain and swelling, and later with a bandage tightly enclosed, as far as possible a few days. Full recovery may take as long as three weeks.

If the pre-torn ankle ligament in both the other ankle ligament injury, often causing serious sprain. Ankle joint to withstand weight, these ligaments play an essential stabilizing role.

In this case, the wound is more severe swelling and pain, and may have swelling around the ankle joint pain, ankle so walking or any activity very difficult.

In fact, severe sprains may well as fracture - kind of, deprived of activity of the injured, the wound often have a cast in order to facilitate healing. After the removal of plaster, it should immediately begin a gradual exercise program, do stretching exercises and rehabilitation activities, the scope of the campaign, which is important. Finally, it should do to enhance physical movements in order to restore joint flexibility and help prevent damage longer.

Some people from the words there is a "slippery ankle" then how in the end is all about?

It refers to linking ankle ligament injury is very easy under pressure, usually due to a ligament injury in the past did not completely cured. Lashing the ankle with a bandage to help prevent re-sprain; shoes with a more coarse shoes, but also help to reduce the wry ankle injury may result.

The acupuncture treatment of ankle sprain

sport venues injustice, weight-bearing walking or down the stairs, take the slope suddenly lose one's footing Er Shi lateral malleolus ligament injury, ligament damage after local exudation stimulate the peripheral nerves and cause pain and activities of the barriers, known as the ankle joint injury. Chinese believe that ankle injury, due to the blood away from the meridians and therefore I caused by swelling of the pain.

The majority of patients have a clear history of acute sprain, ankle pain, swelling, local skin blue or bruising, joint movement disorders and difficulty walking. Such as local sharp pain in the ankle with deformity or unusual activity should consider fracture as soon as possible to the hospital.

Ankle sprain is a common disease, the use of massage therapy can be easily and quickly relieve pain and restoration of walking function, for themselves or their family members, friends, relief of pain.

The specific method is: The patient supine or sitting position, the medical purposes of Anrou in the ankle, start to cut out into the surrounding, and then from the lateral malleolus, through the lateral leg to Yanglingquan, with emphasis on Hill Market, must bones, Yanglingquan 3 points. Then use the thumb to push the affected part, but also from the local to around the push to blood circulation Sanyu.

By the above-mentioned treatment methods, local feeling of fever and pain will be reduced, and then can be the key tactics: pull ankle extension and to make minor internal and external rotation.

Pull stretch, that is pulling or traction, in the operation of the disease are: hand holding the soles of the feet, fixed one end of the ankle, the other hand a moderate hold the affected part, and slowly carried the same time, a small increase traction and rotation, movement To ease, Jiyong explosive. Qiu Hui, and then after Yanglingquan Point to Suanzhang as degrees, and then rub the Law imposed by the ankle from the instep to the small legs, cut out with the hot and humid deposited.

Operation and care of some things to note:

1, for large local blue purpura who appeared not suitable for immediate application of techniques and heat or cold to be first in practice be carried out 24 hours after treatment;

2, treatment methods should gentle;

3, to cut out the appropriate fixed, to prevent the foot inverted position to keep back songs;

4, local warmth;

5, to place the ankle at rest is higher than breech presentation, which will help swelling subside.

How to care for patients with ankle sprain?

1, usually within 24 hours after the sprain, local cold compress can be cold water or alcohol in order to promote hemostasis, reduce the formation of hematoma and pain. 24 to 48 hours before they can conduct heat or to improve blood circulation.

2, sprained ankle, do not prematurely Shimoji and discreet, to avoid hampering the rehabilitation of its functions. General we have to wait 7 to 10 days after the sprain fundamental turn for the better in order to gradually start walking. Sleep, suffering from leg booster pillow can be used to reduce the swelling.

3, walking should pay attention to the level of the road, when bad light should be careful descent down the stairs, the foot plantar flexion angle not too large, to prevent sprain
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lumbar spine is the backbone of an independent and assume the human body for more than 60 percent of gravity, and engage in a complex movement. Only the front of the abdominal and iliopsoas loose in the vicinity only some muscles, fascia and ligaments, bone structure protection. Therefore, in weight-bearing or uncoordinated movement, inter-vertebral joints, after the joint, lumbosacral joint, sacroiliac joints, ligaments and surrounding muscles, fascia and other highly vulnerable to injury. The acute phase, if failed to give effective treatment, easily transformed into chronic, low back pain or a stubborn strain of lumbar muscles.

Lumbar sprain treatment: topical treatment using traditional Chinese medicine bone powder, which local administration, so that drugs can quickly penetrate into the site of injury, rapid pain swelling, blood circulation, bone continued tendons, efficacy significantly, effective prevention after lumbar sprain the occurrence of various complications, conditions should be preferred. acute medicine to cure sprain, vice 2-3, and chronic injuries need 4-6 Vice-medication.



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