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Be able to teach some specific way to play tennis

StyleLJ2010-02-16 01:10:10 +0000 #1
I am a girl want to learn tennis, but it is difficult

to yourself first and then learn a coach

there is no specific point method

En ... people say that tennis racket to tilt back to the ball should be rotating Yao is so able to teach me how to pull the ball in the past: for example, playing on the wall and the tennis court to play back the ball in this area

Thank you, I would add, if the effective share of ^ - ^
ksh_chy2010-02-16 01:20:10 +0000 #2
I said was Hand back the ball to first to judge the ball forward, go places, normal ball point slightly higher waist, a long arm front half of the bar. . Feet shoulder width apart a little longer than the left foot slightly before the knees (Do not hit the ball standing), lower center of gravity, while the left a little protrusion, aiming the ball, his right hand shot at the same time cited, it is best to beat the bottom of the ball are also aligned ( At this time, your left shoulder with the ball close to a straight line 。。。), beat to predict with confidence, but do not grip too tight (how grip you know.. that way you have something that he chose as far as grip in the bottom rather than the middle, index finger and middle finger, ring finger and little finger separated from those of the three fingers in order to better control their balance racket)

These are just a preparation phase, followed by stroke, and when the ball more and more Near the time (long-winded, the reality is that all actions are coherent case, and basically does not have much time to think..), then the left hand slowly contraction (wording may be inappropriate..), transferrin shoulder (left hand to another a role reflected in the guide shoulder rotation, balance and target before the ball), batting with his right hand waving, we should note that from the quoted photographed waving movement with the ball and then to track, almost 'a little after Next --- before (on the waist, slightly before the )---- (Sui Fai) ', I see many girls in our school play are from the scrolls to the next, and so I often beat network. . Has just said, the preparation before hitting a straight line around the shoulder, left shoulder in the former, then the ball, your results to be achieved with the Hui is also a straight line around the shoulder, but slightly different is to the right shoulder before. .

In short, the most important thing is, playing tennis make full use of the shoulder turn, please do not just waving his arm. . Otherwise, just play without force, will not be long before the arm is very sore, which I am a profound understanding. . .
克洛斯罗德2010-02-16 01:34:19 +0000 #3
let a good coach to teach you,
small strings 19892010-02-16 02:08:20 +0000 #4
see video bar. Note that action. More training, and was cured. But have to find someone to help you look at point of action.



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