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The highest level of tennis match?

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tennis game is the highest level in four Grand Slam.

Tennis four Grand Slam

1, the Australian Tennis Open

2, Wimbledon Tennis Open

3, French Open

4, the U.S. Tennis Open

The following details the

1, the Australian Tennis Open


Australian Tennis Open is the tennis center management from Australia, the annual Australian Tennis Open is the Open Four the earliest start events, events scheduled for 1-2 months.


Australian Tennis Open is the latest by the four major Open tournament was created. The first competition was in 1905 in Melbourne Cricket Ground威尔霍斯曼held. Among them, men's, founded in 1905, the women's competition began in 1922, the beginning of the contest is to use the grass tennis court, in 1988 he began to hard tennis court. In 1968, the International Tennis professional, after it was listed as one of the four Open. In 1972, the race in order to attract a wider audience, will be in held in Melbourne, Australia's major cities. After the founder of a fairly long period of time, the Open champion for local access. After World War II from 1946 to 1978, men's and women's singles champion wins over Australia and into the Eighties, after he had not honored a local player honor. With the continuous expansion of the scale of competition, the continuous improvement of well-known, the venue of the facilities require improvements resulting debris Park Stadium, also came into being. This multi-center kinetic energy of the movement began in 1986 to start in January 1988 for completion, and success in this year was held in 1988 Ford Australian Open. Since then the sports center has conducted a further expansion began in 1995, the venue of the second phase, and in the 1997 race official use. January 29, 1996 Debris Park Stadium officially renamed Melbourne Park.

Race to introduce

stadium in Australia's second largest city of Melbourne City Tennis Center. Melbourne Park facilities - Center Court: recover roof, 15021 seat; 1, Stadium: 6,000 seats; 2 Stadium: 3000 seats; 3 Course: 2000 seats; 4 Stadium: 1100 seats; open Practice Course: 19; indoor practice courts: 4. Melbourne, Australia, due to a time when the local mid-summer, weather very hot temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius Ershi venue, the players physical exertion large, the level of play could not affect the successful conclusion of the game, these problems are not satisfactorily resolved, the status of its Open it is difficult to keep. Because it is hard tennis court, so players can play a comprehensive account for certain advantages. It is not only conducive to hit the bottom line pumping, but also for serving the Internet, both suitable for branded topspin backspin ball is also suitable for hanging, and put a short golf balls.

Center Stadium name: Rod - Larvor ROD LAVER

Australian Open prize money total prize money of up to 6.2 million dollars. One men's singles champion prize 36 million U.S. dollars. This is its place in the four Open one of the reasons.

2, Wimbledon


the event the last week of June each year to be held early in July on a regular basis, has become the traditional, eligibility is based on the previous year in all major competitions and won the aggregate scores certain. Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the All England Lawn Tennis Club and the British Association held, but in fact in control of the All England Club competitions, including each contest millions of dollars in ticket sales. Today's Wimbledon match, up to 30 million people in the audience more, those who watch TV live broadcast in more than 500 million.


Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the first game in modern tennis history, by the All England Club and the British Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1877. The first official race in the club is located in the southwest corner of the Wimbledon London headquarters, known as the All England Lawn Tennis Championships. The first race positioned to participate in amateur competitions, and only the men's singles-based project, the finals were only sold for a shilling. One from the Harrow School of Mingjiao Si Spencer Gore's students in 22 participants in the most populous, to obtain Challenge Cup (championship trophy of the name). In 1884, the organizing committee for the first time established a women's singles,姆德沃特森defeated 12 other players to become a Wimbledon women's singles championship history. In the same year, men's doubles has also become an official event. 1899, added the women's doubles and mixed doubles. Since 1901 Wimbledon began to accept the entry of foreign players, there were only limited to the British Dominion to participate in a small country, was officially opened in 1905, the United States, France and other countries from across the sea before players participate in the competition. 1922 carried out two reforms, one can accommodate 15000 spectators to build a central stadium, the second is the abolition of Challenge, starting from this year to obtain title, the man must be from the first round of playing, game winning streak 7 games , the woman must be straight six games. 1968 ITF agreed that professional athletes to participate in the competition, while organizers also raised a huge bonus to attract the world's top players to participate, so the level of competition increased every year. Each individual who won the first game, and immediately become a world-renowned figures. Thus, elites during the competition, players gathered to compete for a very intense, it embodies the highest level of tennis techniques and trends. By 2000, Wimbledon Tennis Championships have been held 114 sessions, in which suspended 10 times due to the two world wars, from the 1877 start date, has been over a hundred years of history.

Wimbledon tournament to introduce the grass is now 18, 9, and two indoor hard court, only in mid-May each year at the club dinner will be only opened to all. The main course is called "Center Court" (center Court), the holding of the final place. During the race in London because of the unpredictability of the weather, the golf course with a folding roof, is expected to be completed in 2009. One course in 1997, a large-scale reconstruction of the stadium from the adjacent center moved to a new site that can accommodate more audience-specific sites. The original playground is said to have a unique atmosphere, is a favorite place of many players, so there are a lot of people are saddened by their Relocation. One course is usually held some very important games, such as the singles quarter-finals, it also has a huge external screen is used to gather in the mountains outside the match Henman fans watching the game. Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans in this piece of the hillside for the impact of native title to cheer for the players, but unfortunately, 1936's, the British player has not lifted the trophy again.

Center Stadium name: Wimbledon Center Court

II course has a "champion the grave" in the title, because in here to compete for seed are usually eliminated by lower-ranked opponents. Have been the victims included Andre Agassi (Andre Agassi), Roger Federer (Roger Federer), and Pete Sampras (Pete Sampras), the first round in 2005, also came very close to Di Muheng Man (Tim Henman) dragged into the water.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships a total prize money has increased annually, in 1984 the men's singles first prize of 10 million pounds, the women's singles championship at 9 million pounds. 1985 men's singles champion for 13 million pounds. 1987 men's singles first prize of 15.5 million pounds. The men's singles champion in 1991, was 240,000 pounds, the women's singles champion was 216,000 pounds, and even the first one eliminated player also receive a bonus, £ 3600 men's, women's 2790 pounds. High bonuses to Wimbledon tennis championships are very attractive, so that a hundred years of the Jin-competitive activities are not bad.

3, the French Tennis Open

French Open began in 1891, starting with only French player to participate in, until 1925, only to allow foreign players participating. From 1928 onwards, the French Open every year by the end of May to early June in western Bois de Boulogne in Paris, held in the city side of the Roland Garros tennis. Venue for the red clay site, it is also known as the red-clay courts tennis. The Tennis City covers an area of 8 hectares, with 20 official venues, including major competitions around the field with a grandstand 3, the largest center of stadium seats with nearly 16000. 75 years, the French Open has already received viewers totaled more than 350 million people.

Four Grand Slam, the French Open is undoubtedly the most passionate one, as it is red, like the venue. Because it is on the slow clay, patience, stand-off, a strong topspin, as well as a fast run was considered a major weapon to win here, but five sets of matches often lasted several hours, which players physical strength and the will are a severe test. Good clay operations in Spain and South America, where players have an excellent record. However, because of the special nature of the venue, many of the famous win here, their lives can not be in the other three Grand Slam gains, such as Bruguera, Thomas Muster, Kuer Teng, Carlos Moya, Costa, Chang , and Gomez have not yet received the other Grand Slam. At the same time, like Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Edberg such as number one grade is never able to figure exalted their trophy in Paris.

Center Stadium name: Philip Xiatelier

French Open prize money amounted to 12.23485 million euros, 2 day of competition has entered the third day. Ticket prices according to different venues and screenings for 8 euros to 53 euros.

4, the U.S. Tennis Open

U.S. Open began in 1881, each race are in the end of August each year to New York City early in September in the United States Tennis Association National Tennis Center. Since 1997, race in new Arthur Ashe Tennis Center. The center covers an area of 18.2 hectares, with 33 venues, the venue is also the hard courts, in order to win the race, the athletes have a good physical. Get one point for every athlete should spend more than any other Grand Slam time, there will be more scenes combatants spar.

Center Stadium name: Arthur Ashe

U.S. Tennis Open is the only one in four Open maintain the bonus system of equal pay for men and women tennis Open bonuses this year's event will reach 16.1742 million U.S. dollars (USD 1 about 1.18 yuan). Ticket price is 22 yuan to 92 U.S. dollars.
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Grand Slam ... no longer be ATP1000 Masters



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