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Stadium of English in different inductive argument

Lai children2010-02-16 01:10:45 +0000 #1
such as gymnasiums baseball golf soccer tennis games and so on

the better is better to have summed up the

辛苦啦, the answer is good, then I will be adding points
Purple Wizard Y2010-02-16 01:21:32 +0000 #2
sports stadium; sports field / ground

gym gymnasium, gym; indoor stadium

stadium, competition gymnasiums and stadiums

practice facility training gymnasiums

basketball court, basketball court

soccer field; pitch

Water Sports Center aquatic sports center

natatorium natatorium

racecourse, racetrack race track, racetrack lawn

grass court tennis court

baseball field, baseball ground baseball field

softball field, softball ground Softball Field

Golf court Golf Course

velodrome, cycling stadium bike racing games

boxing ring boxing ring

high jump runway jump venue

Table Tennis Court Table Tennis Course

rink; skating rink skating rink

hockey ground hockey

tennis court tennis courts

a skating marathon Marathon Course

javelin field javelin throw

Lead pitch shot put

discus discus throw

chain Stadium field hammer throw

handball court handball fiel

bar / Softball Field baseball (soft ball) field / ground

ice hockey rink

handball court handball field

ice rink skating rink; ice rink

Water Sports Center aquatic sports center

natatorium natatorium

Racing Course (bicycles, etc.) tilt racing games cycling track

indoor cycling arena indoor velodrome

lawn tennis lawn tennis

to find them, and I do a



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