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Tennis novice seeking to buy film masters pointing

mm47472010-02-16 01:10:58 +0000 #1
about 500-600RMB I 0 based on, I purchased the Guangzhou market, if they can provide an additional 50 minutes
davidinter2010-02-16 01:14:35 +0000 #2
about 450-500 yuan, cost-effective high, feel better, suitable for novice entry.

Shoot surface: 107 square inches Weight: 320 grams recommended pounds :51-60 "

" Prince of history: the history of the revolution

Prince from it as a tennis ball machine manufacturers have begun, the Prince Sports Group Fast become a professional sports equipment manufacturer. Prince famous for its leadership in technological innovation capacity, through the tennis racket in the import of "big racket" (OVERSIZE) and the "Extended players" (LONGBODY) launched a tennis revolution.

TRIPLE THREATTM series was launched in 1999 the introduction of the racket so that the Prince has continued the successful tradition. TT Series racket with its revolutionary new full weight of parallel systems, TT 3 times the power of tennis provides the perfect stability and sense of balance, in tennis the first time. In the Prince's family, including tennis, squash, badminton, net line, shook hands with skin, ball machines, threading machines, clothes and tennis shoes, etc., continue to make the Prince's leadership position to be supported and expanded.

In the Prince as a sports equipment manufacturing company, leading the expansion at the same time, the prince and even expand its scope in 1999, introduced the "Prince of health shoes and clothing," the introduction, in 1999, and for advancing the performance and comfort of the clothes have been created , the prince of the technology has been extended to the tennis court outside, to enable the service to enjoy a comprehensive health and mental health.

Robert McClure (Robert. McClure), throw the ball machine inventor, in 1970, PRINCETON NJ (Princeton) to set up the Prince company. In 1971, Howard Head (Howard. Hyde), Head Ski Company boss, came to contact the company to purchase the Prince ball machine. As a tennis player, he immediately became interested and soon the Prince in the Prince of investment has become the boss. In 1976, he invented the "big racket" network shoot, forever changed tennis.

June 1982, Chesebrough-Poud's Inc. The company purchased the Prince, the Prince product sales continue to increase.

In 1990, Prince joined the BENETTON, SPORTSYSTEM and to significantly advance its capabilities. Today, competition in the world market, as a part of the global movement system, the prince and the other Brothers, in collaboration with the sale of technology, products, technologies and strategies.

From the start the beginning PRINCE has been adopted by close contact with many talented athletes to maintain brand awareness, they have Juan Carlos Ferrero, Jennifer Capriati, Patrick Ratter, and Martina Navratilova. Their success has inspired the brand consumers PRINCE interest in the promotion of people's love of the sport.

Today, PRINCE pivotal years in tennis heaven and earth, the organizers and sponsors of tournament matches will coordinate the development of the local tennis projects with domestic maintain close contact and actively create opportunities for a new generation of players.

PRINCE myth will continue, in May 2003, PRINCE has been re-branded to buy back and return to the United States. A new chapter has begun, glorious history will continue to ... ... Please continue to read and understand the PRINCE of the "New Generation." "
Nangong Mok2010-02-16 01:50:55 +0000 #3
personal view is that PRINCE O3 series of good feeling the ball better, which you can find a suitable
L wife is three rounds2010-02-16 01:34:43 +0000 #4
personal view is that Wilson was too professional, since you bought it recently learned of Prince approachable, but oh, three or more series of prices in 1000, or to buy the kind of across the line, preferably in the sporting goods store to buy...



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