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Seek an essay on the whole transport

Quiet ﹎尐sound Points2010-02-16 01:11:04 +0000 #1
have true feeling, not copying! ! 3Q
bloody doll 982010-02-16 01:25:23 +0000 #2
I wrote this: In order to hold the National Games in Jinan, specially built Olympic Sports Center, the layout of the "East Jose Willow", modeling good-looking, multi-functionality, there are stadium, tennis center, swimming center, athletic training ground, football training fields, and so on. Stadium Olympic Sports Center stadium in the West, on the ground five-story, local six-story, 60000 seats. At the same time supporting the building of athletic training field, football training fields, each one, will host the 11th SEA Games opening ceremony and track and field competition. Gymnasium Olympic Sports Center stadium in the East, basement, ground and five floors, partial six-story, 10000 seats. Gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, trampoline are all to be here. Tennis Hall has 4000 seats, play tennis here. Swimming and Diving Hall has 4000 seats, the contractor swimming and diving competitions.



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