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Are now ready to learn to play tennis, the racket does what? Usually how to train themselves to prac

Hyun pirates2010-02-16 02:10:11 +0000 #1
Trouble you master gets advice on, the more detailed the better
Yi-ching Yu2010-02-16 02:14:58 +0000 #2
If you go online shopping, then Taobao online to see where my own is to buy the search "tennis rackets beginners," the film of high prices, many are you going to buy their own networks before the strategy look up the top-heavy line around the hardness of the type of information under the Select what your situation, if you

As for the exercises so let the first shot to buy the best suited to the beat has its own coach to the venue after the make up an otherwise very easy to practice hard to reform the wrong

there is not even the power tennis depends on your height age, etc. A detailed presentation of information, then you have to find a little more than my own little bit more information might help.

x pts head light, that is a few nods of light, head light balance point, said the greater the closer Grip is more head light, 2pts head light and 6pts head light The former is more front-loaded, which is more head light.

Balance point more front (the first light smaller, which is the first weight), the greater the control over the power of the worse hit, the more rearward balance point (the first light the greater, that is, the first light) the less control the more powerful shot好. The first light hit the net effort, the bottom line effort, a top-heavy to fight the net bad mood, but the bottom line effort. However, like his hair force, strengthening the control of the first light is the prime choice. Do not want to play a very thick arm technology-based player or a President, a good head-remade. Of you who want to learn professional player, head light bar, with control and power is the technological upgrading their hair the way!

Have a counter-example, the size W and sisters, super strength, with the first remake, but also often make a very non-standard action shots, but because there are no losers in the men's muscles, so ......

data interpretation: 1pts the first light, which beat the balance point is 1 point Grip racket near the midpoint of the location:

formula: 1pts = 1 / 8 inch = 1 / 8 * 25.4 mm = 3.175 mm = 0.3175CM

for the standard length 27inch or 68.5cm in terms of tempo, balance point number from the Grip 31 (68.5/2-0.3175 = 33.9) CM Department. The first will focus on the mid-point, add in the value of equilibrium point.

n six-one 90,9 nod of light, that is, 68.5/2-0.3175 * 9 = 31.4 that is the point of balance from the Grip few 31.4CM Office. Site is 315, access is because I take a more rounded point accuracy due to digital.

A nod weight, that is, 68.5 / 2 +0.3175 = 34.5CM, that is, the number of 34.5cm from the Grip Division.

Beginner or a top-heavy with the balance of


pounds, broadly speaking, a low elasticity of pounds better, but good control. Poundage better high ball. If your forces are weak, should wear more loose strings are suitable, but you have to use the highest labeled inside the scope of pounds to wear strings. When you're hit, they will often feel particularly hard racket, not only could not move the ball , but also feel very tired hands. a long time so, your hands will form a sports injury. Conversely, if you have the power of larger, more swing speed and scope, but use a low limit to wear string pounds, you will feel that your ball is too fast, mad fly Chudi Xian, which specializes in technology for their original doubts. affects not only raise the level of your campaign, but also to your self-confidence have a certain extent.

Tennis Line :

finer sense of the tennis ball a good line, while the thicker line of durable good tennis. Tennis-line specifications usually refers to the chord cross-section diameter, its size range is from 15 (thickest) to 19 (the smallest), semi-number tennis lines are usually used in a digital back "L", said (15L, 16L, etc.) This is the English "light" acronym. The thickness of the strings a 15L sector between 15 and 16. Tennis smaller lines because it can eat the ball deeper, it also means being able to add more spin to the ball and control, but this result is that strings are not durable and therefore more suitable for leveraging the net before the players hit the ball; while thicker more durable tennis lines, it is more suitable for the bottom line often unsolicited-type players to use force. Line in the selection of tennis can play light of its own choice or smaller coarse tennis line. In addition, usually the length of each string is 40 feet, only 12.2 meters.

Finally I suggest you first buy a good and thought from another
L wife is three rounds2010-02-16 02:55:35 +0000 #3
What can you beat entirely depends on how much the budget.

Pocket relatively empty supermarket can only shoot a few dozen blocks.

Money, buy a 1000 + or leisure professional film shoot



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