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After the palm of your hand to play tennis pain

lvmire2010-02-16 02:10:55 +0000 #1
recently started learning to play tennis, previous kick down the ball, palms slightly hurt yesterday, when forced to play that hurt his right hand, twist the towel today, not move, that is, below that on the right hand thumb oval of the palm of your hand, do not know if injured tendons it?
gynshgy2010-02-16 02:21:13 +0000 #2
grip posture problems, not force, posture and hair swing is surely wrong, coupled with the body all the time just playing rivalry, it will be painful.

Do not rush to hit the ball, we first learn the correct posture, and movements shaping is very important, even if it did not hit the ball all right, but the swing, hit the ball, the pace must be accurate, so in the future will form a good habits.

Slowly practicing it, do not hurry.
licharchao2010-02-16 02:20:07 +0000 #3
That is certainly injury to the tendons of the. How do you look 100 days, you rush to cure that ah



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