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How pragmatic I was playing tennis

feather-day Korea2010-02-16 02:11:02 +0000 #1
I am now 13 years old wants to play professional tennis dad let me start by practicing physical and then he decided to request the coach before considering if there are talented professional training

but the problem comes

1. What is a tennis talent It is savvy Mody

2. I should have practiced what is to lay the foundation for the next fitness professional Mody

but to listen to people say that I'm afraid the domestic price of good bar to go abroad too

I always want people to give me some advice its nuclear program
L wife is three rounds2010-02-16 02:18:23 +0000 #2
I say brother, you are such problems from the beginning has been asking for a long time to the present.

You say a down to earth. So Do not nonsense or play slap, if really want to love tennis, want to become professional players, they quickly go to, no matter your father asked him directly how to say I would like to professional, you know where they are engaged in the mess Baidu objective external causes are looking for an excuse.

Ye Hao in the domestic matter whether you go abroad, and less in-line blind and a waste of time to ask this question on that, it started early this time trained.


I would not say another word, but to warn you one thing: cattle less blowing, things to do.
scarson2010-02-16 02:36:05 +0000 #3
your father said it right, no matter what the project must first learn well the physical, lay a solid foundation, the Pro-yuan envy than settle for a fish net fishing, tennis, Prince are not asking out of Baidu, is down to earth out of practice, you have asked the time, it is better to push the reality of two barbells.

You ask these questions, you will be clear later, but you can qualify for asking these questions on the premise that your fitness has surpassed the others. You have the time or even think about too many things, first ask yourself how the physically trained in it?



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