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I want to know the name of tennis action

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do not know how to play tennis
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Tennis Serve Technique

in the modern tennis, the serve technology is very important, is the only ownership of the batting. It can be free from the other constraints, in the larger extent be able to play the characteristics of individuals to control the other, in order to create favorable conditions for their offense. To this end, require athletes to be more comprehensive grasp of a variety of driving techniques in order to facilitate in the race to gain the initiative.

1. Action essentials

(1) grip Continental or Oriental backhand grip.

(2) be prepared to influence the body to relax, sideways standing at the end line outside the midfield mark last next (singles), the left shoulder facing the net post on the left, facing the right net post, about the same chip feet wide and separated his left foot and the end line about a 45 "is about the end line right foot parallel to the center of gravity in the left foot on the. left prop racket ball of light in the waist, making the first point to the front. breathe evenly and mental concentration. (Figure 1-37A ,1-37B)

(3) drop and after the drop and after the pendulum swing to make an action is synchronized pull start holding players thumb, index finger and middle finger three fingers, gently try to jack up the ball, palm up. (Figure 1-38A, 1 -- 38B) when the racket down back when the film quoted until the players dropped to his right leg at the same time, followed by when the racket from behind the arc-shaped swing big square head, the body to do swivel, knees, shoulders show when the ball hand gently on the front of his left leg before the move, until the stretched high and overhead. drop action should be coordinated, smooth, the ball sent to the highest point of the air and then thrown away the fingers. At this point right elbow backwards outreach is about the same shoulder height , getting the first point to the sky, the left side of the waist and hips into a bow shape, the body center of gravity as the drop began to move the right foot first, and then began to move forward smoothly. At the moment, shoulder and at right angles to the net.

(4 ) When the left-handed swing, the ball is thrown, the racket continues upward swing-up, when the elbow grip clapped relax, can make the right shoulder forward rotation of the body and automatically enable the arm to produce a perfect duty cycle (Note that not intentional is called to do scratch beat back action). When the ball dropped to batting point, the rapid upward swing ball, left foot on the pedal, so that the arms and body fully extended, when the body is ham enough to move the top of the skull larva Paul Yun ⑹ Straight Valerian Yufa Ya Na green since called the Little mow? swing shots, holding a wrist shot inside the drive arm to have a spin of "whipping" action, which is a key driving force moves made, but also other countries such as center of gravity forward, kick, turn body, swing and other forces in places where combined.

(5) With the waving for the ball is issued, the body tilt to the floor to maintain the integrity of a continuous forward with the swing to the top of the stretch. rackets waving to the left side of the body ( With the waving American spin the racket to the ball the right side of the body), shift the emphasis towards the front, so that completely natural to follow up and keep the body balanced.

(Figure 1-39A

H) Pete Sampras serve as a continuous map .

2. serves the classification and method

serve the basic points of three kinds: flat hit ball, cutting off the tee and on the spin serve. Each ball has its own characteristics and uses, a good serve has a lot of attacks force, and to send the ball in terms of speed, strength, rotation and placement of aspects have changed.

(1) flat hit ball

flat hit ball is a ball in the Zhuzhong serve the fastest serve in law, also known that the shells Type serve. The tee ball is not only fast, but the low bounce. If the tall, you can click on the ball with high air superiority direct attack on the other side; such as short stature or female players than it would be inappropriate to use flat hit ball. While driving force of this large, ball quickly, threatening, but the hit rate is relatively low.

Fa-ping ball when the ball point should be right in front of the body above the surface center to shoot the ball straight alignment, shot in the upper part of the post. so the wrist Rejection and forearm forward mix of "rotation in whipping a" very important, the body fully extended upward move forward in order to obtain maximum batting points, in order to enhance hit rate serve. (Figure 1 1 40A


(2) cutting Serve

This is an example on the right rotation (slightly under the rotation) as the main driving law. is by cutting under the ball hit the left upper right. As the cutting and the bouncing ball's flight path determined by the direction of the tee ball is not only fast , threatening, and easy to improve the ball hit rate. this has been adopted by countries around the world the majority of athletes.

tee when the ball thrown over the top of the right oblique, the right side of the racket quickly from the top to the bottom left of the wave. hit the ball located in the the middle of the right side of the ball side to create the right side of the ball rotation. (Figure 1-41A-F)

(3) on the spin serve for more than

This is the main spin, side spin serve supplemented by law. As the ball is more than cutting off the tee on the spin components, so that the ball to produce a clear arc down from the flight path over the net, hair force is stronger, the more rotating components, the greater the arc, hit rate is higher; fall to the ground High bounced back to the left of each other, forcing each other away from the place the ball, giving each other a great burden, at the same time serve the Internet to bring in enough time.

topspin when the ball thrown to the left after the first position, hit the ball as far as possible the body thrown back into the bow, using leverage to increase the ball spin, bat swing quickly from left to upper right, from the bottom up shots on the back rub, and bring out the right to produce the right side of the ball topspin.

In addition to these three kinds of driving methods, there is a rapid rotation of the driving method, also known as American-style rotating ball. that serve more difficult, require more physical waist bending and strong action to reverse the hair strength. As the degree of difficulty, a slight mistake can easily result in sprains, are now rarely used. here is a brief, hair style on the spin when the ball drop in the head after the top of the swing along the bottom to the top left rubbing the ball in the ball, with the Hui action in the body to the right of the end of the ball produces a strong impact on the spin.

2 pairs of premises stringent requirements than other sports, but the venue has a high cost, it is difficult to popularize. and the Chinese people have their favorite sports, football, table tennis, Badminton, the right hardware requirements are not very high. Most people can be conditional.

China's tennis tournament can not be a lot of people are concerned.
, but tennis is my favorite sport Oh!! I think that in recent years, Chinese women with network in an increasingly superior performance in the international arena, tennis would also be an increasing number of people of concern. there will be more and more Chinese people to love it. I look forward to.

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badminton techniques - magical effect of fake and real technological break

The Magical fake and real technological break

we look at all the ball games, as long as the movement included the need to handle the ball contests, and there is the presence of fake and markets. basketball and soccer is one of many people's favorite sport, the players in the game to use pretty diversionary feint to fool the enemy defensive player to dribble or pass extraordinary; and sometimes the use of body movements to feint shot, fool the defense of the workers, thereby shooting baskets score the very interesting story. But if people ask what the project is the most competitive space and type of fake, then it is none other than the non-badminton.

As the determined by the characteristics of badminton, racket lightweight and flexible, positive and negative film surface can be shot, as well as the time difference, space is poor, from poor, poor strength, speed, poor judgments and poor response to the existence, coupled with a network in the entire the middle of two opposing powers as a golf course community, so any movement of the ball in there and their use of fake, even in the ball in the (generally serve the most demanding, most likely was sentenced to BALK and illegal) are also in the rules allow within the scope of fake. by doing so, has made it interesting and fun games badminton extremely wonderful. Here's an example overview of the badminton competition in the more typical fake.

1) in serving in the false positive actions

badminton backhand serve. forehand serve in, due to make an action cited vary in easier to use feints to confuse the opponent.

is in hand to serve as one false move, stations located in the service area by some, T-step, upper body towards the sideline. racquet into the farthest place away from the body so that the maximum distance of the cited shoot. As a result, opponents think you have to deep high ball and prepare their hearts to determine hair you want to golf, so attention in the latter field, focus on the rearward of the. and you serve in the implementation, the start is a fast swing, when the racket will be shot in an instant, received power, thin film surface of the cut shot off, sending a forehand short ball, and the placement of the catch each other's angles front area or the exterior angle, making the opponent can not return of serve and return the ball sights on poor quality, you will from the beginning to seize the initiative altogether.

is in hand to serve feint of two, is hand-like as to be Portal before the ball, racket ball-point a location away from the location of close, nothing is cited from the shoot. Your stations and gestures to opponents think you have to Portal before the ball, preconceived judgments to make opponents pay more attention to the pre - field, while you serve, the use of the wrist to stimulate the rapid flashing racket, issued forehand flat fast ball, ping golf, or lofty goals. As the rivals on the subject at the beginning of your stations and posture of the illusion of influence, the reaction did not look at to keep up with the passive and thus there is no guarantee that high-quality back to the ball.

backhand serve fake one station located in the T-zone near (be careful not to tread line of non-compliance), who held to the rules of badminton players will be maximum allowed position, the racket's backhand side forward facing the badminton, it seems to be made an angle of the net near the ball. while in the real implementation of the serve, the gesture is also starting to backhand side as a positive hit, while in the racket ball will be the moment to change the wrist in order to oblique racket hit the ball to cut care, hair the other side a far corner of the net the ball. so the success of other Internet flutter serve to discount the.

backhand serve feint of 2, or stations near the T-zone (be careful not to tread line of non-compliance), who held to the rules of badminton players will be allowed a maximum position, the racket's backhand side forward facing the badminton, it seems to be made a close angle net and the ball. while in the real implementation of the tee when the argument began shooting as the backhand side is also positive, but slow to make an action cited. and when the racket to hit the ball of the moment, thumbs fat edge bombs hit film, issued a backhand flat fast ball or ping golf, so that rivals can only cope with haste, and the results can not be sights on return of serve and missing the boat.

2) in the return of serve in the pseudo-action

return of serve for each round of began, and its importance is self-evident. If the return of serve well handled, whether singles or doubles, can get head start, accounting for the initiative is conducive to winning back the right to serve the combatants spar. because of the return of serve false movements had Many, it is impossible to enumerate, we can only talk about some of the typical. However, the return of serve in the feint of essentials are: to judge better, starting to be fast, cited to make an action to be hidden, and a fast, feint shot of the candidate, let the opponent out of the ball really fathom unclear.

return of serve is one of the fake, first of all stations should be in the side before the preparation is very much the same position, a ready state. When the other party to send a net pre - small ball, if you intended to hit backhand side, it will hold the feet of film across a big step forward in order to go back to hit backhand side. cited in sideways to make an action a bit like the start with zoning of a bottom-up S-shaped, when the use of the wrist at the last change to the film surface, the ball to the backhand hit the net area.

If it is to use forehand return of serve, it will be in their own forehand racket zoning a bottom-up anti-write S-shaped elements are also in the film surface will be the moment to reach out to the ball using the wrist to shoot surface changes, so the ball hit the net the other side another corner, or other venues in the waist position, so that it is difficult opponents defense.

return of serve The fake of the two, virtual real-nets before the ball flutter. Action essentials are judgments to be accurate, the other side of the net sent the ball a shot (after leaving the racket), making the Internet seem to be held immediately slaughtered, the venue and to be fast and ferocious as if to use body language to give a false impression you want to kill opponents, opponents cite the instinct of making preparations for defensive back, their legs will be rolling stability. when you touch the ball in the racket before the moment of potential income received power, will the ball of light turned back before the net or use the other's wrist, making small actions to change the face and cut the ball hit to the other side of the net at the first two corners, playback of the other side a the net ball, so that rivals can only be on the defensive, from bottom-up from the ball, you grab the initiative altogether.

return of serve in the pseudo-action of the three, imaginary place really picked the backcourt. Action gist is to use the time lapse shots to confuse the opponent. When the competitors sent the net Small ball, who immediately shot Ying Shangqu iconicity with the forehand or backhand to Qingtiao the ball, but not the first time to hit the ball back, but only in accordance with the racket with the flight trajectory of the ball to the back, as though the ball appeared to have been pushed Like the back. When the racket back to retreat to a certain position (height), it suddenly made small-arm and wrist strength, the ball hit back quickly to the other backcourt pick. if the entire action realistic opponents were confused, that you would pick Net ago, I did not realize you actually pick the backcourt of the lofty goals. one taken in the passive.

return of serve in the feint of four, the body cover, feint to divert attention racket. This fake is to ask the body and hand motor coordination is very good Caixing. Otherwise, no confusing opponents, anti-cheat their own. gist of their action is judged to be accurate, while the other Portal a shot before the ball, the entire racket and body on the Yingshang Qu, and is the body in the former and the location of the racket in the chest and abdomen, and anti-handheld shooting. Because of the body cover, running fast and powerful racket under the net again at the close, the adversary is more difficult to see your hand-and beat the rotation. also think you are Along with running the ball should dial (belt) to his backhand corner position the net, easily deceived. When you are out of the ball when the ball is already a body in the former and the latter has. the other side will pay more attention to you Paowei the direction of her surprise, you will wrists concealed manner Yidou the ball appropriated for the other half the other side of the waist. In doubles, the other players cheated in front of the closed Eventually, and the placement of the ball in the waist, the other backcourt players are out of reach, can only watch the ball landed in. The fake Denmark and Indonesia men's doubles players performed very well.

3) handling the ball off the net movement

in the net this region, the existence of many technical movement, such as the net of the twist, call, put, hook, push, etc., also gave birth to so many, all kinds of fighting the net the ball fake. these false movements are relatively easy to learn and easy to master.

1, virtual real push aside the false moves

When your opponent put the ball the net, afterWe must quickly put in place the venue itself, riding the whereabouts of the ball over the net not the top, lifting his racket toward the ball alignment, it seems to be flat to push each other's back court, or appears to put the other a straight-line block the net ball, so that the other side attention is diverted to the side. While in contact with the ball beat the moment, suddenly turning the wrist shot change type, the ball appropriated for the other corner of the net to another area, so that the other party by surprise.

2, virtual real hook of the fake rub

When your opponent put the ball in the net after their venue and we must quickly put in place, stretching his arm to shoot parallel with the ground surface, it seems to be rubbing a net before the ball. When the film surface to the bottom of the ball suddenly changed rub the hook, hit back at opponents an angle the net ball, makes the opponent has made misjudgments.

3, virtual hair strength backcourt pick before the actual nets fake

against each other in the following field splitting hanging over the heads of the net ball, she was still to accurately determine ball flight path and impact point, rapid response may be moved to The Placement Office, forehand (or backhand) big moves swing, as seems to start with hair strength backcourt pick the ball back to the other side. As a result, the other in the following field or are in the ball to midfield after the recoil, thinking that you have to pressure the backcourt, it will not access her surprise, beat you to a sudden moment of contact with the ball close wrist brake force, light blow drag and drop the ball his opponent a straight HAIRPIN (straight up and down) the net ball, let rivals too late to start again, so take the initiative to become passive. The feint if contact ball in his racket wrist control when using the film surface, you can also playback right corner of the net before the opponent the ball. In short the feint can learn by analogy, replay opponent before the ball a different network.

4, virtual block real rub the fake

When you are fighting each other with the net the ball, hook the net, a diagonal ball, quick response and they have to put in place by the ball in the net parallel to the top flight when the film surface toward the ball and net surface, it seems to be being blocked shot playback, when the ball just below the net and then continue to the top flight when he suddenly transform film surface and parallel to the ground, roll back to rub each other a net ball, and let the ball closer to the foul line make opponents back to the ball more difficult.

5, virtual real forehand backhand hook the ball off the net movement

This is the most incredible fake fake, one of badminton. If we read the Danish ace Peter Gade of the actual performances, there will be issued shares laments.

D) of the midfielders get started batting a false move

When the other side the ball back to midfield, but also golf, it should be the worst back to the ball. Most people would seize the opportunity to take-off both feet, in one fell swoop kill, far more clear-cut. But there are also many false moves, do not spend great effort and they can achieve the same effect. This also avoids the other side has made any preparations, has returned to midfield, stand a good position, ready to take to kill, and will kill you block the ball back to your post-field incidents.

Midfield get started batting fake basic gist is that there must maintain the consistency of the action, less than the moment the ball out of opponents have been unable to give you a real Qiu Lu and intensity. Feint rely entirely on the wrist and arm movements to control.

1, virtual real-hanging fake killing

normal circumstances, your opponent will be in their instinct to someone else is not in place of the half-back after the ball enters the state of all-out defense. Your feet take-off rivals with Zhazhu Gengrang center of gravity lower. This is when you like to vigorously smash, but the actual hanging was the high point of splitting the net the other angle, so that opponents hard to cope.

2, virtual real touch of the fake killing

When the opponent in the following field back to a half ball, you seize the opportunity to jump swing, it seems to kill the ball. Suddenly, your wrist, the highest point in the batting point of first touch, put a net before the opponent the ball. Let opponents run up could not save. In this regard, China's Bao Chunlai national team is very good. There are pre-Olympic women's singles champion Susi Susanti of Indonesia is the NUMBER ONE.

3, virtual killing Sanehira pump fake

Very often, the defensive players are prepared for killing the ball, and then kill the ability good. In the world-class competition, there are a few boards are killed, especially in the doubles match. Sometimes, using the virtual killing Sanehira pump fake can receive unexpected good effect. When the opponent back a half after the ball as soon as he lifts his racket to kill the ball moves. At this time the other side of the racket is placed on the bottom of the body in order to then kill. But you did not kill the high point, but down from the visual ball away, when the ball drop to shoulder with you, with a high or a high roof over the net a little, suddenly a strong flat drive, directed at opponents Shua's chest and let opponents off guard. At this point, my badminton mentor MR. SU ZHI have learned ---- virtual killing Sanehira pump fake, highly destructive, so I admire have to vote to five bodies.

4, virtual golf and then kill Sanehira backcourt pressure other backhand-bit pseudo-action

normal circumstances, the opponent back a passive midfield the ball itself, the first time, you want to do is to rush back to midfield to prepare Then kill, and attention is highly concentrated. At this time if you kill the ball, the chances of success is about 60% of 40%. If you are using the virtual killing Sanehira backhand lob and then press the other seats are fake field, let rivals once again returned to the backhand position after the field, back to the ball even less in place, but people have to get on the best defensive point, this time you can immediate concern in the ball at one stroke each other's waist or subsequent corner the other side of the market, so that the other end and then kill the chief whip. At that time you will feel special cool.

5) after the market hit a false move

Normally, when you are opponent's lofty goals of peace Golf pressure in the end line, already in the passive situation of the. Most opponents are back to the midfield position, ready to kill you back to the ball is not in place. Most cases, you are all lofty or lob the ball hit back, want to change the passive situation. But if you can use fake backcourt hitting action, you can overcome these can sometimes score directly.

1, after the market hit a false start with action

When your opponent's backhand backcourt pressure is in place, you can quickly move in place, can be used around the head forehand return hit the ball, you can also hit with a backhand return. However, your opponent usually moved to your place in the same half-court backhand in order to grasp the opportunity to block your golf and anti-seek you kill a pressure sideline. At this point, you are prepared to use the backhand of the former handball to fight back, but posed no ball, as if the other side of the lofty goals have been out of bounds, so that demand continues to drop, to fool the enemy, so that the minds of lax vigilance. Surprisingly, the ball will have to reach out to the moment, do you start with a backhand swing, pick the opponent a CROSS OVER (large angle) is well net the net ball, let the other party can not think of this trick. The effect is self-evident. The most classic is the Susi Susanti and Ye Zhaoying in the 1998 Asian Games women's singles finals, Susi Susanti use of handball back court backhand shot under a false moves, will Ye Zhaoying deceived, so that leaves the ultimate remedy is less than the net errors and returning the ball.

2, after field backhand fake moves

When your opponent's backhand backcourt pressure is in place, you use a substantial argument backhand shot, it seems to return to the other side a lofty backhand lob the ball or flat, but the real hit of the moment, wrist control the backhand side, bevel cut the other side a far corner the net ball, let rivals unexpected.

3, after the market moves sideways to kill the false slash

in the game, when the opponent will be more pressure to your flat forehand lob bits of the remote after the angle, you can use are hand back the pace of take-off in the final look the body with the edges parallel to the head does not turn, it seems to kill the other one blank straight ball. Because you do not twist, opponents will pay more attention to your forehand half-area (of his own backhand half-area). And your arm and wrist a sudden a spin, killing his opponent a big forehand slash, placement of in to. Hanging big slash or hack into the net the other side another corner. Miao's Office so that their opponents had only aftertaste. The most classic use of the fake players is none other than the non-Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade.

Badminton competition there are many fake's exquisite indeed difficult to enumerate. Regardless of what kind of feint to confuse the opponent in order to achieve the purpose of all you really depends on your badminton game right field reading ability and driving skill competitions Station. And want to learn feint must adhere to the following basic principles:

a must at all times to maintain the consistency of actions;

2, one-third of the way with seven points pace. At any time in the foot in place, the best place in advance. So you can leisurely play your skills;

3, continue to accumulate a wealth of game experience and to develop good judgment;

4, to strengthen competition and be good at summing up and raising awareness.



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