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Seeking a National Day Weekly

Baby _ jie2010-02-16 03:11:01 +0000 #1
High School National Day operation. Writing three weeks in mind. Has the following three themes:

1.'s National Day military parade in thoughts

2. 1 weeks in mind, be sure to write seems to be true, as

3. Mid-Autumn Festival flies to

requirements are as follows:

1. Not too literary talent. Do not the level of

2.600-800 words students do.

3. Do not be too fake, the National Day I did not go to Beijing, I did not see what the Mid-Autumn evening

1 100 points, three full-fat, then add 200 points, 2 and 100 points, one directly to 100 points.
and Happy as a friend2010-02-16 03:18:55 +0000 #2
Today is National Day. While under the continuous drizzle, but I was very happy. By the way, you do know the origins of the National Day? I'll tell you at 15 o'clock on the October 1, 1949, 300,000 people in Tiananmen Square in Beijing held a grand ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the PRC Central People's Government. Zhuang Yan, Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic, the Central People's Government set up and personally raised the first five-star red flag. Chairman Mao announced the "The People's Republic of China Central People's Government Bulletin," The People's Republic of China on behalf of the Central People's Government to the National People's Republic of China the sole legitimate government. Remit the respect of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect for the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty of any foreign government, this government is willing to establish diplomatic relations. "He held a military parade and mass demonstrations. Zhu De, commander inspected the land and air forces, and announced," People's Liberation Army headquarters in order "and ordered the PLA quickly wipe out the country

2.2008 before year's National Day was soon finished, a short period of seven days holiday, and some students return home, some out of tourism, but I have been staying in school, ah, in fact That's good, done a lot of things.

Sichuan bbs tennis version of the first Banju, as a rookie my captain, but also be played a certain role in it, Haha, organized a dozen rookie Wangjiang campus (hey, In fact, this master of the middle or not banished). everyone went to the alley width, because I have been to that place , but will spend less, can see things are all free. and then play along with the evening meal, and selected local Well, at the Huaxi Medical College. Hei hei boat for the University of road food, is my favorite to eat What baked啦,啦Ganguo ribs shrimp, taro chicken啦children, are very good. Banju this, we drank a lot of wine, for the first time Well, these are comparable enjoyable, and also more thoroughly enjoyed themselves . Perhaps I am more drink it, so everyone let go with a drink, to the last few mm and finally reach for the glass, carouse with us a few glasses. Bingbing drinking beer, looking at which Zhang immature face, ha ha, I am through the old, both 26, and others only Ershiyier-year-old kids, it is being appearance Fenghua season. I can only wish them to learn, and put my little of that experience tells them to let them go straight stretches of road, nor to my captain, a painstaking啦, ha ha, oh look at narcissism.

The next day we began to prepare to play, and still went jiang'an, this time I brought a camera, hey, take action according to our down, and then stood to see. play is a very happy thing, in particular, is more fun to play with masters, and of course, to accompany rookie playing is also very good Oh, when their progress I will also be very happy because masters are in progress, grow up.

night, photo and video All set in, ha ha, you can go to Pu exposed as a good thing to share with you Well, of course, bbs on Pu photographs, or through your mandate to tick. to tell you ah, our rookie team photo in the bbs on a Pu, has been the top played on the same day, (ten posted Wenju be one) seems to tennis in Sichuan is still promising tick. Of course, this is not derogatory School of Economics, College of Foreign Languages, as well as their contributions to West's mm啦, after all, to stand among so many beautiful, or am pulling the wind tick呀. then, is our video, and Haha, the video made animations, you can group inside when the expression qq hair, a great time, I was hit by an action of a collection of my fans, in fact, it moves very fart, and that is a very, very funny, wearing jeans, a a very bold backhand is very exaggerated. But I also recorded a few very splendidly action Oh, now more than Nadal is also similar, ha ha, and then look at narcissism bar

3. such as the National Day holiday has been a long time, because it In addition to the Spring Festival is the longest outside of a holiday.

Unfortunately, the first day of holiday affected by the typhoon, wind and rain. more Unfortunately, the child's extra-curricular classes and from Chinese transferred on the 4th afternoon, when I riding a car battery to send their children to school, soaked to the skin did not say, coupled with the battery no power, that Leia is really hard.

The next day, the rain just turned fine. at home and rest in the evening a climb a mountain, out of 1:00 Khan.

National Day the first three days, according to planning a trip. A total of seven students, six vehicles, 21 individuals, happy, mighty toward Jiaxing. Expressway overcrowded, originally more than three hours of journey took six hours. three days tour of the South Lake, Xitang, Nanbei Hu (sea salt), it appears that Old and swim across the lake I have had. the famous South Lake this had several opportunities to go, I do not know how all missed this Daoshi for the first time to visit the fabled red ship, the original so small. Xitang town crowded enough, a bit like a child in rural areas of the Grand Bazaar, not a quiet southern town proper comfort. North and South Lake set mountain, sea, lake as a whole, board Baiyun Ge does indeed list of lakes and mountains sea. The trip to Jiaxing, courtesy of an old schoolmate of Jiaxing meticulous arrangements and thoughtful reception, room and board row was planned in advance, When we verbally express our heartfelt thanks, the old students would decide not to come to these cliches, but I want to say these are truth!

back home on the road prend situation, we were rear-ended a car, and spent a lot of time to deal with, but also because the car was parked in the fast lane of a traffic police curse roundly pass.

2 days of basic rest at home after the holidays, out of a trip a bit tired. during the period to take part in a wedding, the scale of getting bigger, more than 80 banquet table.

"happy holiday has always gone far enough, intensive work is Ruqierzhi. Only blessing distant friends in the busy work in a relaxed frame of mind often! "By the last day of the holidays that I forgot to think of an important friend and send a greeting message, quickly make up
2008 Desert Fox2010-02-16 03:36:40 +0000 #3
60 years, the golden age of the command shells, the 60 years, the Chinese land of tremendous changes. In 2009, we ushered in the great motherland, her 60th birthday.

In 1949, the People's Republic was set up! tormented vicissitudes of war suffering and backwardness of the Chinese people finally stood up again! China as a dragon, as the identity of a great power arose in the East!

National Day, bringing the total to people happy, bringing poetry, bringing reverie, bringing vision, but also bring hope to this year's fall, is unusual, even more unusual. In this beautiful season, a hot spot for every square kilometer of the Republic are imbued with joy and happiness, flowing with sweet and singing. 1.3 billion to heroic sons and daughters of the songs of agitation flying golden ideals and rosy vision of flying Caine as a rock of faith with the praise of the verse of the great motherland.

the ancient Great Wall to straighten unyielding chest, rolled the mighty Yangtze, crystal spray Prairie Matouqin echoes soulful sound Lasalinka herdsman came toward the well-being The song and laughter. So, I see the vast land, the sons and daughters in between heaven and earth sing. celebrating the mother of 60-year-old mother's birthday, to the name of the Republic of children, to pay tribute to the motherland, for the mother blessing.

country, you If a leaf sail of hope, from the Republic of the founding ceremony of the rumbling sound of the oncoming salute; from Shenzhou 7 spacecraft travel into space, the good news in the oncoming; from the blueprint for the revitalization of urban reform and rural prosperity in the civilized Capriccio drove. So, I hundreds of millions of fans happy to see spring breeze blowing the doors and windows, I heard the "Story of Spring" resounded through the land of China. Feishi the territorial waters of the vast war hero boats, the western border of another Tengqi sky rocket. the long course of over half a century there have been brilliant, there have been setbacks. industrious and brave people in three generations of Chinese leaders and the Party Central Committee under the leadership of these concerted efforts, against all odds, with great enthusiasm input "rejuvenating China, Zhuang China's national prestige," economic development.

build social modernization, a great advance in power, has created countless sons and daughters of a miracle among the nations in the world to the world with admiration. You see, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xiamen, and the rise of a number of SAR Zuozuo Jinshan, Pudong New Area, stand tall, proud to have Compose a rejuvenation of the eye-catching title. iron and steel dragon large north-south Beijing-Kowloon off to show the majesty of China. return of Hong Kong and Macao, Beijing's successful Olympic bid, the sons and daughters are all stand tall and lofty.

friends, facing the sun, autumn winds send Shuang, let us stand on the ancient Great Wall on a deep feeling, in a bold, in a solemn ceremony, reach for Gold Cup, swig celebrating wine, gently soft Fu at the foot of every inch of land, a common blessing on our Dear tranquil and peaceful country, best for the future
Grand Watermelon King2010-02-16 03:43:51 +0000 #4
National Day period, the urban streets everywhere permeated with a festive and peaceful atmosphere. the people, or family reunion, and enjoyable; or out of the house, shopping with his family to see the beautiful appearance of the city, leisurely shopping;, or to the suburbs to go for fun, fitness and entertainment ... ... really colorful festival of life. Here I saw a group of lenses.


National Day National Day became a day, within the district are full of laughter, bursts of singing came from time to time. originally our family, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, aunt, sister, have come to our family reunion, old and young, gathered together enjoyable. As far as I know, many people regard the the National Day holiday as an excellent opportunity for the family reunion, not sons and daughters come back from the field during the National Day, people have to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, to the coveted but rare landscapes, arrange the floral. We are all taking advantage of "51" to the Macau Tourism, enjoy the buffet had seen fountains, swimming across the Ruins of St. Paul, really happy. yes ah, there would be no new China without the Communist Party, there would be no good day for us today. In the days of national jubilation I wish my country a better, stronger and more prosperous. Today is October 1 National Day, the so-called National Day, previously referred to the matter of the national celebration, and now refers to the country's construction, such as the anniversary of independence or revolutionary uprisings. It is now during the National Day are out having fun, relax, today is also my father took us out of a play, I am really happy.

Today is National Day, is a national holiday, we can put seven days of the holiday, and really happy.

mother thriving, it is harmony of sight, so I am determined now to study hard and grow up to serve the motherland, and make our country a better tomorrow!

Yesterday evening concert, convention center heard the beautiful sound of the piano . There are a host a concert by Richard Clayderman and country music concert co-sponsored Tianjiao.

Richard Clayderman was born in Paris, France, 5 years of age began learning the piano playing. he was in 1976 years - 2004, has recorded about 900 songs, of which the first 220 original works, only the total number of recordings sold in China on the tall and 90 million. He is also currently playing Chinese music to change and the largest foreign artists, he has gorgeous tone, elegant melodies and handsome image, known as Prince of the world's modern piano, artistic vitality and well-not bad. concert first performed by Richard Clayderman song "we are powerless," kicked off in the sound of the accompaniment, his slender long fingers gently slide the keyboard, but a beautiful green, like phonological stream as Lingquan out to free a hand to him from time to time with us happily waved, but when you concentrate tapping the keys, body shaking with the music, and sometimes stopped, with both hands with you all ... ... we listen to applaud and mesmerizing, but also unwittingly followed the shot come from palm.

the stage lighting is also unique It is a red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors formed. Some of them are the same as the laser flash across the stage, while others like a dolphin sparkling little stars on the stage flashing the dazzling light, and some as like a chameleon, constantly changing the colors, as if to show off to others the same ... ... a time, the stage became a sea lights, light the world of music into one after another climax.

3 after the piano solo is a song by country music Tianjiao playing a "Jasmine." Tianjiao music is by or Xiaojun, Zhao Cong, Chen Yue, Yu-Qiu Xuan composed of the four ethnic Instrumentalists a small band, they were playing Erhu, Pipa, flute, zither these four instruments. they are playing "Jasmine" reveals a deep sense of Chinese taste, beautiful melodies intoxicating them.

Then, Richard Klein Goldman and music Tianjiao has played a lot of songs, there are tragic and moving "Titanic Suite", there is cheerful and lively, "Saba Dance", there are piano solo "Harry Potter", as well as the thrills of the "new Part House of Flying Daggers "... ...

Time really flies, as the clock struck 11 o'clock bell, with an" a river "in the end, concerts draw a perfect full stop.
O Beitrag O2010-02-16 04:51:49 +0000 #5
With an unparalleled lighthearted mood, we have ushered in a secondary school since the first Mid-Autumn Festival. originally intended to reward a good full moon, and my family moon roof is the best place. but bad to the plot against the original plan, the school In the Mid-Autumn Festival that day, suddenly heard a word I do not know is good or bad that I originally planned destruction of the shocking news: According to the provisions of superiors, students spend Mid-Autumn Festival will be in school, 18:30 to see the organization assigned to the school open-air movie "into the Mao Tse-tung", all students bring their own newspaper "sat on the floor." We are an all dumbfounded. and then issuing sigh: "Oh -" "really hate -" Shashi class into a dish the market. can be called no matter how there is no way that we immediately decided: That being the case, it is necessary to make this festival unique flies. So, we have had a happy conspiracy of "moon program." Mid-night, I "conspiracy" requirements, with a double yellow cakes. Oh, not just the one I eat is ... ... Oh, My got, can not be said that the plan would be finished. one to the school, just 6:30. We anger can manage to sit down and condemning, they then connect a newspaper shop together, then, to be used to put cakes and eating moon cakes! Hehe - you may have guessed by half, and we will be here to eat moon cakes! a start we Hunhundundun looked a little film, and then that is a pile of Jicheng chat. suddenly talking to the moon, full moon will rise together. Oh, the moon was red copper, like a lunar eclipse took place. Daoting circle round, but ... ... This color is also really Daoting alternative. However, our plan is also very different kind, she does not care about so much. red moon on the red moon, the moon is not a sample, the color difference may be more attractive. 8:00 kinds of quietly arrived. This is what we eat moon cakes "sacred moment." Xu Qian Hua, Zhong Wei, I, LI Lan Tao each with a different moon cakes to eat, just make up a box of multi-element moon cakes - white lotus seed paste, melon, double - Huang Rong, five-Ren Xiang. We happily cut one after another moon cakes, 67 individuals form a circle, "tasting" of four different flavors of moon cakes, and the atmosphere bustling and easy funny. eating again watching movies, still " full moon "(actually a casual glance, there is noHow many people seriously look at it). Xiu Ye squad leader has spoken: "We eat so much fun, we might put Liao Shao-ting of the double yellow to teachers eat." Worthy of the title is a squad leader, and we applaud. If a teacher can also share our happiness, it would mean is "happy"? Because "happiness is an infectious disease," Nao Fantian our happiness by a small yolk moon cakes are communicated to the teacher, like all of us also hope that teachers be gone in a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is very special, this may be the first high school "Friendship reinforcement of Man", right? !



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