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How to play tennis only a dumbbell exercises upper body strength

zjwnissan2010-02-16 03:11:21 +0000 #1

Tadakuni forever2010-02-16 03:21:34 +0000 #2
I learned from elementary school until high school track and field team are. Main practice shot put, discus require a higher force on the upper right to cite dumbbells so very familiar.

With dumbbell exercises upper body strength method is:

1, stretches his body, legs separated shoulder width, hands armed with a dumbbell natural sag, and then turn on the move, we should note that the move to do more and faster Do it quickly, so you can exercise the biceps of the explosive, when the decentralization of dumbbells slowly down to one to avoid injury, and secondly, you can exercise the stability of the arm. At the same time give dumbbell as far as possible not to swing when the body, or fail to exercise effects, according to this movement, a group of 30 each hand, were made by three groups, 12 one-minute intervals between groups, 23 intervals between groups . If you feel a small amount of exercise, then each group can not move on until the middle interval of 3

5 minutes.

2, the level of Fei-action, to exercise deltoid

stretches the body, each holding a dumbbell with both hands to do side-Ping Ju, action to alleviate, or easy to strain the deltoid muscle, on the move with the movement when the inhale, the lower levels with the Actions to achieve exhaustive like every breath

3, neck curl is used to train triceps

stretches his body, bowing his head

with the elbow grip Hold a dumbbell with both hands, on the move faster when the lower levels, slowly

4, hand-held radio is dumbbell exercises,呵呵
This is no need for explanation of the Bar

Exercise upper body strength training coordinated way.

Also remember that after each count Lianwan drink skim milk, you can make your muscle fibers thicken

muscle edges more obvious, gently tapping his arm after every workout so that muscle fibers to relax, and then rest a day or two, Do not exercise too often, otherwise the muscles prone to fatigue, or muscle training out of shape would be very difficult to see. Impossible for the power this thing out on the practice

have to persevere to get the effect you want. Refueling bar!
gyt12562010-02-16 03:48:57 +0000 #3
Tennis needs of back muscles, chest muscle, brawn, biceps, back muscles pectoral push-ups can actually make use of training, lack access to dumbbells.

Is a dumbbell arm biceps flexion and extension.

Brawn: one holding a dumbbell, sitting, doing a little higher so that the major leg into a obtuse angle, palms up wrist and knee on the edge of the wrist to relax the natural sag, and then pull up dumbbell wrist force, and then lay down, and so forth. Wrist and has to be on his knees as fixed and the arm is not moving, the only moving wrist.



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