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Nike and Adi shoes What series? Come understand the shoes!

wenlong1582010-02-16 03:11:28 +0000 #1
Often see that there SHOX ZOOM magazine like, and how they are in the end points? What series?
Ben Ben Fish2010-02-16 03:18:32 +0000 #2
nike sports shoes: nike basketball shoes includes Flight, Force, Uptempo 3 series, nike soccer shoes Total 90, Mercurial Vapor 2 Series, Air Max 360, Air Max, Shox series shoes, etc. , Air Zoom Vapor Tennis Shoes, Dunk (Low, Mid), Air Force 1 (Low, Mid, Hi, Premium), Terminator (Hi, Low), Cortez retro shoes, as well as the Dunk SB Skateboard Series.

Nike Skateboard: Nike Skateboard have nike air force series (nike air force1, count force, detal force), nike dunk series, SB series (nike dunk SB, tennis SB), BLAZER series, ACE series.

Nike basketball shoes: nike basketball shoes, there are three main series. FORCE series, in order to MAX AIR Air as the main technologies, on behalf of shoes: AIR FORCE MORE 180, AIR MAX 360, etc.; FLIGHT series, in order to SHOX gas column, ZOOM cushion as the main techniques, on behalf of shoes AIR FLIGHT 95/96, AIR FLIGHT FRANCHISE; UPTEMPO series, UPTEMPO series of shoes not only the pursuit of a good shock absorbers, yet flexible, NIKE shoes, mostly high-end UPTEMPO, on behalf of shoes: ZOOM KOBE1/2/3, ZOOM GENERATION, UPTEMPO PRO 1.0/2.0/3.0.

Nike running shoes: nike running shoes work is represented by nike 360. NIKE360 is the NIKE AIR MAX series A, which uses a revolutionary 360-degree Nike Max Air cushion system that provides users with great flexibility; Nike 360 weight of less than 400 grams, is a series of Nike Air Max running shoes The most lightweight shoes.

Adidas sports shoes Category

Adidas in China mainly provides consumers: the running, tennis, basketball, outdoor, training, bodybuilding, football, children's shoes


has a very light-weight characteristics of , comfortable and strong, comfortable to wear. Cushioning performance, running in the greatly reduced on the muscles, joints and ligaments strong impact.

Upper: There are lightweight netting and synthetic materials.

In the end: Most of sleek, thin. adiPRENE ⊕ technology-based materials, soles of the feet placed in the former to enhance propulsion, adiPRENE cushioning-type material placed in the heel absorbs harmful impact.

Big at the end: usually by carbon rubber, and many hybrid materials.

Tennis shoes, tennis-Tennis

move around more, tennis shoes, not only to provide a good cushion performance, but the design of shoes for the feet on both sides and provide a good supporting.

Upper: synthetic or leather, low-Gang, upper toe Department adiTUFF high wear-resistant materials to prevent premature wear uppers.

In the end: usually made of EVA from the mold, adiPRENE enhanced cushioning properties, TORSION reverse the system to increase the stability when turning.

Big bottom: water ripple outsole, so that move around more quickly. And has excellent anti-skid and wear resistance.

Basketball shoes, basketball-basketball

due to the vertical jump and move around the action more, basketball shoes are usually large at the end of large, rugged construction, superior cushioning performance and the support of the bare foot protection.

Upper: mostly in the high-top design, use of synthetic leather or leather, is more robust.

In the end: large, thick, highly flexible feet adiPRENE ⊕ placed in the former to provide effective propulsion, adiPRENE cushioning-type material placed on the heel absorbs harmful impact. Enhanced heel protection and stability. TORSION reverse the system before and after the soles of his feet with a natural turn, enhance the stability and controlled movement, especially when the fast turn extraordinary.

Big at the end: Usually Wei Ren-shaped non-imprinted outsole. Followed by a flat, wide feet with a deep pre-curved grooves greatly enhance the contact with the ground.

Outdoor Footwear-Adventure

structure of rugged sturdy, wear, protection and strong. Particularly suitable for keen on outdoor sports and travel enthusiasts.

Upper: nubuck leather is usually made, often wear toe design. Has some waterproof to keep feet dry and comfortable. Commonly used waterproof technology ClimaProof and aquaPROTECT.

In the end: The former foot of adiPRENE ⊕ enhanced propulsion adiPRENE heel cushioning with good performance. Coupled with TORSION feet before and after the match to reverse the system and to allow natural foot movement.

Outsole: TRAXION odd nail outsole provides excellent grip, improving the safety factor of field sports.


pre-training shoes and the soles of the feet followed by a very large, has a strong adaptability to meet a variety of training needs.

Upper: usually made of synthetic leather and lightweight net material, appearance, and running shoes are similar, but different from running shoes.

In the end: often made of molded EVA, in the end of the size similar to the basketball shoes.

Big at the end: irregular sole use of non-imprinted rubber.

Fit Shoes-Work out

especially for women, soft and comfortable, especially suitable for aerobic exercise.

Upper: light and comfortable, clean lines and smooth. Mostly in the high-top design, protection and strong.

In the end: adiPRENE ⊕ increased thrust to place the first foot.

Big at the end: The non-imprinted rubber, compared with smooth, pre-feet deep with a curved grooves greatly enhance the flexibility of the foot.

Football shoes football-Football

to provide full protection when the more easy-to-athlete the ball effectively. There are different venues for different soccer shoes to choose from.

Upper: Multi-use of kangaroo leather or synthetic leather made of kangaroo leather as the athlete's second skin, so that the ball has a good touch, thin and there is tension, light and durable, top soccer shoe uppers would Adidas PREDATOR Falcon exclusive use technology to help players better ball. A more accurate shot.

Big at the end: The TRAXION outsole odd nails or screws replaced TRAXION outsole odd.

Insole: Indicate the shoes are suitable for football venues

SG - for soft, wet grass

FG - suitable for hard turf

HG - suitable for mud, sand

TF - suitable for artificial turf

IN - suitable for wooden or a synthetic indoor venues, often for training shoes


adidas kids feet according to production needs and characteristics designed specifically for children's shoe last, so that production of children's shoes will not hinder a child out of the foot growth, the children how easy exercise.

Upper: colorful, often by a synthetic leather and lightweight material made of nylon net.

Insole: A unique adiTUFF removable insole, to help parents find their children a clear foot shoes.

In the end: from molds made of EVA, buffer good performance.

Big at the end: usually made of carbon rubber, more anti-skid, wear-resistant.
LoVe Running2010-02-16 03:19:25 +0000 #3
I think Yao was selected to buy running shoes comparison of major brands at ease, like nike or adidas, new balance sports brands like it, they have a professional running shoes series. But I personally prefer something adi啦, their brand concept comparison Ling -

Student Family Well, I would recommend this color in bright adidas supernova running shoe, cost-effective, and the young grass is always greener, like shoes, often new ones, and跑跑in schools should be sufficient. Comparison of running time in this series focus on the stability of the situation, an increase of shock effects, the shoe is also very light weight.

Lz If you really want to buy a better Mody, adiStar series Yes, it is the most high-end adidas running shoes campaigns. They just launched in September adiStar Ride 2, versatile running shoes, running up and will be more lightweight comfort.

You can go to their official website to take a look? Running shoes have a more detailed introduction, there are other styles can also be concerned about passing the next. Copy a lot of



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